SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

Off Seville-place.

P. St. Thomas.—North Dock W.—City.

1 Holt, Henry, reporter, 15l.

2 Lacey, William, clerk, 12l.

3 Manson, John, accountant, 12l.

4 Mouat, Mr. John, 12l.

5 Dodd, Mr. John, 13l.

6 Gibbs, John, esq. 13l.

7 Brown, Mr. John, 11l.

8 Neill, Miss Eliza, 11l.

9 Lynn, William, silversmith, 11l.

here Whitworth-row intersects

10 M'Caul, Mary Anne, grocer and provision dealer, 13l.

11 Connolly, Wm. commis. agent, 13l.

12 Kennedy, John, engraver, 12l.

13 Ellis, Mr. Saml. customs dept. 12l.

14 Cullimore, Mrs. 12l.

15 Jenkin, John, mariner, 10l.

16 M'Loughlin, John, mariner, 10l.

17 Griffen, Patrick, law agent, 9l.

18 Gracefield, William, chemist, 9l.

19 Kennedy, John, upholsterer, 8l.

20 Martin, Mr. Hen. late tide surveyor of H.M. customs, 9l.

21 Vacant, 8l.

22 Barkley, Thomas, coachmaker, 8l.

23 Byrne, Mr. Patrick, 8l.

24 Long, Miss Margaret, 10l.

25 Roe, George, solicitor, 10l.

26 Hill, Mr. William, 7l.

27 Horsefield, F. coal factor, 7l.

28 Kelly, John, esq. 9l.

29 Jackson, Josh. Hardy, esq. 9l.

30 Williams, Mr. Henry, 9l.

31 Taylor, Joseph, off. of customs, 9l.

32 Corcoran, William, miller, 9l.

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