SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Camden-st. Lower, to Harcourt-rd.

P. St.-Peter.—Fitzwilliam W.—City.

1 Bourke, Patrick, victualler 18l.

2 Doyle and Leary, haberdashers 14l.

3 Tenements, 15l.

here Charlotte-place intersects

4 Moore, William, grocer, 16l.

5 Daly, Bernard, gro. & wine mer. 25l.

6 Saunders, Mary, prov. dealer, 10l.

7 Byrne, John, carpntr. and bldr. 15l.

„ Vannix, Charles, tailor

8 Magee, Dr. surgeon, 10l.

here Magee's-court intersects

9 Fitzsimons, Ptk. potato dealer, 8l.

10 English, Miss, dressmaker, 16l.

11 Coleman, Patrick, steward, 8l.

12 Barber, Mr. George, 16l.

13 Tenements, 18l.

14 Cullen, Mr. Thomas, 24l.

15 Acheson, Mrs. Frances Jane, 19l.

16 Nicola, Mons. military, naval, civil service, French classes, 25l.

17 Coleman, Jas. M. linen and woollen draper, shawl and dress warehouse, 26l.

18 Lapslie, Mrs. 26l.

19 Carroll, Michael, tobacconist, 11l.

here Harcourt-road intersects

20 Mackey, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 28l.

21 Shannon, Thomas, dairy, 12l.

22 Magee, James, marine stores, 15l.

23 Murphy, Lawrence, brass founder and gasfitter, 13l.

24 Flannagan, Peter, prov. dealer, 10l.

25 Dunne, Timothy, locksmith, bellhanger, & nail manufacturer, 8l.

26 Garvey, Thomas, hairdresser, 8l.

27 & 28 O'Hara, M. Castle dairy, 26l.

29 Manning, Mr. Mark, 12l.

30 Smith, James, provision dealer, 8l.

31 Yard, 3l. 10s.

32 M'Cabe, Mr. R. 8l.

33 Kenny, Mary, provision dealer, 5l.

34 Carroll, Michl. tea, wine, and spirit merchant, Bleeding horse, 42l.

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