SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Bridgefoot-street to Watling-street.

P. St. Audoen.—Usher's-quay W.—City.

1 Courtney, Henry K. merchant, and No. 3, & Parkview, Chapelizod, 42l.

2 Classon and Courtney's stores, and Bridgefoot-street, 17l.

3 Murphy, Thomas, esq. 34l.

4 Duggan, Mrs. and Marine-villa, Kingstown, 40l.

5 M'Cormick, Geo. Mark, m.d. surgeon and accoucheur, 28l.

6 Broadbent, Wm. esq. 34l.

7 Wilson, Ledger, merchant—office, 50 Bridgefoot-street, 32l.

8 Baskeville, J. engineer, 24l.

9 Fairbrother, G. B. wool agent, 30l.

Mendicity Institution, public baths & wash-house—Thomas Vance, esq. hon. secretary

10 Norton, P. car owner, 23l.

11 Cusker, Richd. feather, hide, & skin merchant—office, 1 Arran-quay; stores, 1 Lincoln-lane and 28 and 29 Island-street, 32l.

12 Symmons, Mrs. boarding and day school for young ladies, 15l.

13 Vacant, 40l.

14 O'Callaghan, Richard Wm. flour miller and corn merchant, and City of Dublin Mills, 25 and 26 Usher's-island, 40l.

15 Pim, Geo. esq. and Brennanstown-house, Cabinteely, 135l.

16 Longbottom, Richd. wool merchant, Castleknock villa, Castleknock

„ Phillips, Thos. & Co. wool merchts.

17 Vacant

18 Sheridan, Henry, esq. 40l.

19 Cahill, Wm. seminary for gen. educ. boarding and day school, 35l.

20 Dirham, J. A. l.r.c.s. & s.a.c.i.l. apothecary and accoucheur, 30l.

21 Graham, John Usher, seminary for general education, 30l.

22 Derham, William, printer, 23l.

23 Cottle, John, esq 28l.

„ Cottle, John, jun. esq.

24 Vacant, 21l.

25 O'Callaghan, Richard William, City of Dublin flour mills—office and residence, 14 Usher's-island, 110l.

26 O'Callaghan, R. W. stores, 13l.

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