SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From New-row Poddle to Roper's-rest.

P. St. Nicholas Without, east side. P. St. Luke, west.—Merchants'-quay W.County.

here Fumbally's-lane intersects

1, 2, & 3 Tenements, 8l. 10s., 4l., 7l.10s.

4 Kenny, Peter, rope, mat, and curled hair manufacturer, 8l.10s.

here Malpas-street intersects

5 to 11 Ruins

here Bonny's-lane and Ducker's-lane intersect.

Paving Board depot, 22l.

12 Bolland, James G. superintendent of corporation depot 4l.

here Donovan's-lane and Roper's-rest intersect.

13 to 22 Tenements, 1l. 10s. to 4l. 10s.

23 Donohoe, Patk. nurseryman, 22l.

24 to 27 Tenements 3l. to 10l.

28 Ryan, Denis, manuf. chemist, 35l.

[29 to 40—3l. to 8l.]

29 to 31 Tenements,

32 Malone, Mrs. H.

33 to 40 Tenements,

41 Byrne, John, horse dealer, 8l.

Busby, John & Sons, distillers

Warrenmount cottage—Joseph Ainley, clerk

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