Sackville-street, Upper

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Earl-st. North, to Britain- st. Great.

P. St. Thomas.—1 to 36 Mountjoy W. 37 to 69 North City W.—City.

1 Tallon and Co. stationers, envelope and account-book manufs. 95l.

„ Price, J. commercial hotel and family boarding house

„ Garvie, James, tobacconist

Mann's Parcel Despatch Office—J. Garvie, agent

2 Meaz, Wm. boot & shoe maker, 88l.

„ Powell, Geo. agency office, agent for Western Life Assurance Society of London—res. Strandville, Clontarf

3 Wogan, C. H. stationer, engraver, and printer, 85l.

4 Chambers, Son, & Co. sewed muslin manufacturers, and Skerries, 75l.

„ Hirschfeld, Peraire, & Co. manufacturers of American cloth, and importers of foreign goods

5 Downey, Denis, military clothr. 80l.

„ Bradshaw, John, surgical and mechanical dentist

6 Thwaites, Geo. tobacco and snuff manufacturer, and importer of foreign snuffs and cigars, 80l.

7 Lawrence, E. & Co. toy merchants, brush and comb manufacturers, perfumers, and wax chandlers (see advertisement), 80l.

8 Pontet, A. furrier & umbrella m. 80l.

„ Pontet, Marc, c.e. and surveyor

„ Pontet, Mdlle. Therese, teacher of French, singing, and pianoforte

here Elephant-lane intersects

9 Curry, William, and Co. booksellers and publishers, 100l.

10 Hibernian Bible Society— T. S. White, esq. assistant secretary; Mr. John Lang, depositary

11 Fitzpatrick, Brothers, gold and silver smiths, watchmakers, &c. 165l.

„ Fitzpatrick, S. F. gold and silver smith, and 7 Prince William-ter.

„ Nelson & Marshall, photographic artists

„ Lowry, Daniel, boot & shoe wareho.

11 and 12 Reynolds' hotel—Francis Reynolds, proprietor, 120l.

13 Kirby, Patrick, fruiterer, and Killester Gardens, 150l.

„ Burke, John, auctioneer, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, house agent and undertaker

14 Johnston & Mayston, silk mercers, shawlmen, and linen drapers, 160l.

„ Johnston, Mrs. Ellen, millinery and court dress maker

„ Mayston, Samuel, silk mercer, and Ashgrove cottage, Rathmines, up.

15 Friendly Brothers' Club—John Odlum, superintendent, 180l.

16 and 17 Committee House for Charitable Societies—George Jepps, secretary to trustees

16 County and City of Dublin Widows' Fund and General Annuity Endowment Society Office—W. J. Stokes, sec. (see advertisement)

Hibernian District of the Church Missionary Society—Rev. M. F. Day, and Rev. W. P. Walsh, hon. secs.; Rev. J. F. Peacock, visiting sec.

Irish Society for Scriptural Education of Roman Catholics, by their own language—Arthur D. MacNamara, clerical secretary—res. 3 Belgrave-square, west, Rathmines

Deaf and Dumb Institution—John Ringland, esq. m.d. Rev. Hercules H. Dickinson, and John Norwood, esq. hon. secs.—Jas. Russell, esq. assistant secretary—res. 16 Richmond hill, Rathmines

Priests' Protection Society—Rev. Thos. Scott, a.m. secretary; Mr. James R. Millington, assistant secretary

Employment and Aid Society for Protestants—Rev. Thomas Scott, secretary: Mr. James R. Millington, assistant secretary

17 Ladies' Irish Association—Miss Mason, secretary; Rev. William Vesey, assistant secretary

Protestant Orphan Society Office—Rev. Eugene O'Meara, clerical sec.; Rev. Thomas Kingston, and Rev. Beaver H. Blacker, hon. secs.; George Jepps, esq. assistant sec.

The Island and Coast Society for Ireland—Mrs. Pendleton, secretary

Sunday School Society for Ireland Office—James Irvine, hon. sec.

Irish Trinitarian Bible Society—Rev. Charles S. Stanford, d.d. and Rev. Charles Minchin, a.m. honorary secretaries; Wm. Ronayne, esq. assistant sec.

Irish Auxiliary to London Society for Promoting Christianity among the Jews—Rev. Maurice Neligan, sec.; Rev. John Hare, hon. sec.

Continental Society—Miss Florine de Baviere, honorary secretary

Colonial Church and School Society— Rev. M. Finney, secretary

18 Gregg and Son, china, glass, and earthenware importers, oil merchants, lamp makers, & gas fitters, agents for the economical gas-burners and the Patent Moulded Carbon Co.'s water filters, 55l.

„ Gregg, J. W. esq.

„ Callanan, Eliza, perfumer, & Woodbine cottage, Dundrum

19 Asken, John, gold and silver smith, jeweller, & watchmaker, &c. 120l.

„ O'Reardon, Dan. O'Connell, barrister

20 Geoghegan, Jos. & Co. linendrapers to Her Majesty, and military outfitters, 105l.

21 and 22 The Gresham hotel—John Radley, manager, 520l.

„ Gresham, Thomas, esq.—res. Raheny Park, Raheny, and Morley's hotel, Trafalgar-square, London

23 Hardy, P. Dixon, publisher, and 2 Frankfort-place, Rathmines, 130l.

„ Robertson, Wm. wholesale bookseller, and 25 Lower Sackville-st.—res, 17 Rathmines road

„ Manning, J. mantle and shawl emporium

„ Smith, John and George Knight, railway contractors

24 Glukman, Professor, photographic institution, and portrait publisher, 80l.

25 Nealon, Christopher, and Co. wholesale confectioners, lozenge, and comfit manufacturers, 84l.

here Gregg's-lane intersects

26 Kearns, John, fruiterer, 11l.

27 Wheatley, Robert, cabinet maker, upholsterer and undertaker, 55l.

28 Monck, Patrick, merchant tailor, and 71 Great Britain-street, 66l.

29 Wyse, George, m.d. 72l.

„ Wyse & Co. medical establishment

30 Findlater, Alexander & Co. general grocers, wine, & spirit merchants, 188 King-street, north, 67 George's-street, south, & 82 George's-street, Kingstown, 95l.

„ Findlater, Alex. esq. & The Slopes, Kingstown

„ Findlater, Adam S. esq. and Meal-beach, Albany-avenue, Monkstown

„ Findlater, John, esq. 7 Wellington-place, Upper Leeson-street

31 Gilbey, W. and A. wine importers and distillers, and at 357 Oxford-street, London, and 12 St. Andrew-square. Edinburgh 72l.

„ Gold, Henry, esq.

32 Eakins, Saml. painter & decorater to the Board of Public Works, and 56 George's-st. upper,Kingstown—res. Riversdale, Finglas, 77l.

„ Nelson, John, Wesleyan minister, and Riversdale, Finglas

33 Murray, James, boot and shoe manufacturer, 60l.

Castleward United Mining Company, Limited

Mineral Exploring Company, Limited—A. L. Cousins, esq. c.e. secretary

34 Vacant, 65l.

35 & 36 Webb, Fisher, and Co. gentlemen's clothiers, and boot & shoe manufacturers, 72l., 75l.

„ Webb, Thomas, Newington-terrace, 87 Rathmines-road

„ Fisher, Joseph B. Rosemount cottage, Dundrum

here Britain-street, Great, intersects

37 and 38 Morrow & Co. linen drapers and haberdashers, 68l., 60l.

39 Smyth, J. & Co. wine merchants and family grocers, 115l.

„ M'Dermott, James, wine merchant and family grocer

40 Cherry and Sheild, wholesale stationers, paper merchants, lithographic, copperplate, and letterpress printers, 245l.

41 Richmond National Institution for the Instruction of Industrious Blind

42 Office of the Royal Agricultural Improvement Society of Ireland and the Irish Farmers' Club—Captain J. B. Thornhill, secretary, 110l.

43 Roche, Mrs. Sarah, ladies' outfitting, French corset and baby linen warehouse, 88l.

44 Harkan, John Fredk. solicitor, 85l.

„ Harkan, Wm. Edmund, solicitor

„ Harkan, Henry, surgeon, r.n.

45 Cow Pock Institution—Henry Law Dwyer, m.d. secretary, 120l.

46 Stokes, Frederick T. J. P. wine merchant, successor to French, Barton, & Co. 170l.

„ Hemans, Geo. W. civil engineer, & Queen's-square, London

47 Newtons and Armstrong, solicitors, and Dungannon; 115l.

„ Armstrong, Richd. Owen, solicitor, and 5 Clifton terrace, Monkstown

„ Newton, Andrew Eyre, solicitor, and Dungannon

„ Newton, Courtney, solicitor, and Dungannon

„ Madden, John E. solicitor, and 1 Alma-road, Monkstown

„ Wilson, Richard, linen merchant to the Queen and the Lord Lieutenant

48 Malley, James, solicitor, 80l.

49 Atlas Fire and Life Assurance Office—A. W. Studdert, agent 105l.

„ Studdert, Abraham W. stock and share broker—res. 7 Grosvenor-terrace, Rathmines

„ Mathews, Mrs. millinery warerooms

„ Mathews, George C. silk mercer

50 M'Glashan & Gill, wholesale booksellers and publishers, 120l.

„ Gill, Michael H. printer to the University, Royal Dublin Society, &c.—office in Trinity College

„ Gill, Henry J. esq. a.b. t.c.d.

51 O'Connor, Hugh and V. jun. wine merchants, 130l.

„ O'Connor, Hugh, esq. residence, 1 Belgrave-square, Monkstown

„ O'Connor, Edmund, esq. residence, 1 Belgrave-square, Monkstown

„ Bate, Alexander, & Son, solicitors

„ Bate, Alex. T. solicitor, clerk of the crown for town and co. of Galway—res. 6 Longford-terrace, Monkstown

„ Bate, Alexander Thomas, solicitor—res. 6 Longford-terrace, Monkstown

„ Bate, Henry Alex. solicitor

52 Wells, William F. family druggist, oil and colour merchant, 130l.

53 Falconer, John, printer, publisher, stationer, and bookseller, 145l.

54 Dorset Institution for Industrious Females—Deaf and Dumb Day School—Day School for Girls—Infant School—and Repository for all sorts of plain work—Miss A. Hudson, matron

Dublin Young Men's Christian Association—W. J. Stokes, secretary

55 Price, Mrs. Harriet, 86l.

56 The Bilton hotel—Lewis Heinekey, proprietor, 190l.

„ Heinekey, Lewis, wine merchant, and Danesfield, Clontarf

57 Thwaites, A. and R. and Co. importers and manufacturers of mineral waters to the Queen and the Lord Lieutenant, and 147 Regent-street, London, 100l.

58 Campbell, John & George, grocers, wine merchants, and wool factors—wool crane in Moore-lane, 120l.

„ Campbell, John, esq. j.p.

59 Sackville-street Club—Thomas H. Fleming, esq. secretary; Mr. Alexander G. M. Douglas, house steward, 230l.

60 Vacant, 85l.

61 Hamerton, John T. a.m. solicitor & proctor of the Court of Admiralty, and agent to the London Assurance Corporation, and Shankill, Loughlinstown, 85l.

„ Chambers, Thomas, sol. and Derry

„ Dwyer, The Misses, mill. warerooms

62 Heinekey, Lewis, wine merch. 85l.

„ Heinekey, Lewis, esq. and Danesfield, Dollymount, and proprietor of the Bilton hotel

„ Sutherland, Alexander, resident secretary Colonial Life Assurance Company—res. 2 Mosaphir-ter. Kingstown (see advertisement)

63 Calderwood, Jas. gun manufac. 73l.

„ Lynott, Bernard,solicitor, and agent to the Law Union Fire Insurance Co.—res. 53 Rathmines-road (see advertisement)

64 Hamilton, H. B. agt. to the Guardian Assurance Co. (see advertisement) 76l.

„ Lanyon, Lynn, and Lanyon, civil engineers & architects, and Belfast

„ Lanyon, Charles, esq. r.h.a. the Abbey, near Belfast

„ Lanyon, John, esq. and 2 Upper Queen-street, Belfast

„ Lyner, William Henry, architect, and 2 College-street, south, Belfast

65 & 66 Standard Life Assurance Co.—Samuel Smylie, agent (see advertisement), 75l., 80l.

67 Hamilton, Jas. resident secretary North British Assurance Company—res. 2 Ardenza-terrace, Monkstown (see advertisement), 80l.

68 Robertson, J. D. ladies' and children's under clothing and fancy depot, 53l.

69 Geoghegan, J. R. outfitter, 55l.

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