SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Mountjoy-street, Middle, to Upper Dominick-street.

P. St. Mary.—Inns-quay W.—City.

1 D'Arcy, Mrs. 25l.

2 Murphy, Thomas, esq. 19l.

3 M'Mahon, Miss, 19l.

4 Archbold, John, weighmaster and superintdt. Little Green mrkts. 22l.

5 Stephens, Robt. sol. & Galway, 19l.

„ Tobyn, Richard, esq.

6 Baynham, James, esq. 20l.

7 M'Kenny, Tully, solicitor, 19l.

8 Leeson, Mrs. 19l.

9 MacNiffe, Jas. sol. and Sligo, 17l.

10 Warren, Josh. cabinetmaker, 17l.

11 to 13 Building ground, 2l.

14 Matchett, Mr. John, 20l.

15 Carroll, Mr. Richard H. 18l.

16 Price, Mr. James, 18l.

17 Collins, Mr. John, 18l.

18 Wall, Mr. Mathew, 16l.

19 Sexton, Mr. Timothy, 15l.

20 Vacant, 15l.

21 Lowry, Mr. Michael, 15l.

22 M'Donnell, Mr. John, 15l.

23 Butler, Miss, 17l.

24 Lawler, Miss, 17l.

25 O'Grady, James, bar. a.m. ll.d. 17l.

„ O'Grady, Patrick H. solicitor, and patent agent

26 Fanning, Jas. profes. of music, 17l.

27 Hamilton, Mrs. 17l.

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