SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Amiens-street to Newcomen-bridge.

P. St. Thomas.—1 to 5 North Dock W. 30 to 56 Mountjoy W.—City.

1 Cooke, Mr. Anthony 12l.

1B Westwood, Mrs. bonnet maker

„ Clare, Daniel, bootmaker

2 Murphy, Miss, 12l.

here Seville-lane intersects

3 Wilson, John, vintner, 6l.

„ Clare, John, shoemaker

30 Bury, William, shoemaker

31 Barry, John, 8l.

32 Creighton, John, 9l.

33 Casey, John, provision deal. 2l.10l.

34 Dawson, John, victualler, 11l.

35 Wall, J. grocer, 13l.

36 and 37 Ryan, C. grocer, wine and spirit retailer, 31l.

38 Flood, Mrs. flour stores, 26l.

39 Reilly, Cath. prov. dealer, 12l.

40 Hughes, John, builder, 16l.

40B Sparks, James, esq.

„ Sparks, Miss H., milliner

41 Phillips, James, clerk, 10l.

42 & 43 Flannagan, Christopher, boot and shoe maker

44 Reynolds, Patrick, grocer and provision dealer, 7l.

45 Brennan, Mathew, grocer, tea, wine, spirit, & prov. mercht. 17l.

46 Plunket, Mrs. wax & tallow chandler and grocer, 12l.

46½ Tenements, 7l.

47 Vacant, 12l.

47½ Gough, Patk. house painter, 15l.

48 Tenements, 11l.

here Clarence-street, North, intersects

49 & 50 Hart, John, grocer, 26l.

51 Duffy, John, engineer, 12l.

52 Torney, Mrs. 12l.

53 Donnelly, Mr. 12l.

54 Wilson, Mr. John, 8l.

„ Hardy, Mr. James

55 Tatterson, Jas. C. tin plate work. 4l.

here William-street, North, intersects

56 Brady, Philip, dairy, 10l.

here Newcomen-bridge intersects

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