SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Kildare-street to Grafton-street.

P. St. Anne.

Royal Exchange W.—City.

1 & 2 Lawrence, Mrs. Jane, china, glass, and delft warehouse, 45l., 40l.

„ Andrews, Miss A. milliner and draper, and straw bonnet manufacturer and importer

3 Giron, Jean, hatter, from Paris, 95l.

„ Byrne, Catherine, outfitting and baby linen warehouse

4 Borough, Sir Edward R. bart. Armit & Co. army agents, 85l.

5 Daly & Co. grocers to her Majesty and the Lord Lieutenant, and Merrion-hall, Merrion, 67l.

6 Sweeney. M. merchant tailor

6, 7, & 8 Tarpey's Private Family Hotel, 65l., 95l., 66l.

„ Tarpey, Hugh, & Co. haberdashery and hosiery warehouse, and importers of Berlin wools

„ Tarpey, H. merchant

here Frederick-lane intersects

9 Thompson, Jas. manuf. of surgical instruments and cutlery, 30l.

„ Cadosch, S. French shoe warehouse

10 Fagan, M. A. home and foreign fruit warehouse, and fruiterer to the Lord Lieutenant, 24l.

„ M'Birney, Robert, ladies' boot and shoe maker

11 Wilson, Armstrong, & Co. manuf. of hosiery, and at Balbriggan, 46l.

„ Armstrong, David, hosier

12 Rankin, Chas. jeweller, and manufacturer of hair jewellery, 48l.

„ Coote, Alfred, millinery warerooms

„ Rooney, Mary, ladies' under clothing and baby linen

here Frederick-street, South, intersects

12* Morrow, Hamilton, British and foreign library, bookseller and stationer, and 16, 17, 18, 19, & 20 South Frederick-street, 71 Upper George's-street, Kingstown, and 91 Patrick-street, Cork, 110l.

13 Goggin, Cornelius, manufacturer of bog oak, Killarney wood, Connemara marble, and horse-hair ornaments to Her Majesty, 84l.

14 Grattan, Robt. hosier, shirt maker and military outfitter, 84l.

15 Isaacs Joseph, and Co. bog oak ornament manufacturers, 70l.

„ Fitzpatrick, Margaret, millinery and mantle warerooms

16 Higgins, John P. ladies' boot & shoe maker, 92l.

17 Sidford, Mrs. millinery and dress warerooms, 84l.

„ Sidford, George, silk mercer

18 Jones, Thomas, cutler, 18l.

„ M'Gee, William, college, school, and medical bookseller, & 20 Belgrave road, Rathmines, 16l.

18½ Levy, Sarah, ladies' and gentlemen's outfitting hosiery, haberdashery, and general fancy warehouse, 40l.

here Dawson-street intersects

19 Solomons, M. E. optician to the Royal Family, and patentee of spectacles, 56l.

„ Bryson, J. N. and Co. stationers, printers, engravers, and account book manufacturers

„ Young & Co. periodical and newspaper depot

20 Booth, O. hosiery, glove, shirt, and general outfitting establishment, and by special appointment outfitter to the Lord Lieut. 52l.

21 Browne and Nolan, printers, stationers, account-book and paper dealers, 54l.

22 Lewis, Wm. and Howe, Edmund, solicitors to the Grand Jury, co. Kildare, 94l.

„ Lewis, William, solicitor, clerk of the Crown co. Kildare—residence, 11 Haddington house, Kingstown

„ Howe, Edmund, solicitor, and St. Margaret's, Dalkey

Medical Invalid Assurance Company, Lewis & Howe, agents (see advertisement)

23 Rosenthal, Hen. merchant—res. 26 Harcourt-street, 90l.

24 Browne and Nolan, printers, account book and paper dealers, 82l.

25 Blum, Brothers, fancy warehouse, importers & commis. agents, 95l.

„ Blum, Joseph, commission agent—res. 71 Lower Mount street

„ Blum, Gobert, commission agent—res. 18 Lower Mount street

26 Wilson, Joseph Smyth, shirtmaker and military outfitter, and Tolka lodge, Richmond, north, 65l.

„ Harris, Marie, bog oak manufacturer and working jeweller

27 Dack, Robert Edward, ladies' and gentlemen's boot & shoemaker, 50l.

28 Clift, Wm. Henry, carpet, hearthrug, oil-cloth, and matting warehouse, &c. 60l.

29 Samuel, Saul, watchmaker & jeweller, and bog oak ornamental manufacturer, 42l.

30 Cohen, W. O. silversmith, 80l.

31 Steele, Miss E. (late Moore), jeweller and bog oak manufact. 56l.

32 Favre, Emanuel, hat manuf. 56l.

33 Racine & Co. Geneva watch manuf.

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