The Commission to Londonderry

From Derry and Enniskillen in the Year 1689 by Thomas Witherow

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To all Christian people to whom these presents shall come; know ye, that we the Governors, Commanders, Officers, Soldiers, and Citizens, now in the city and garrison of Londonderry, have denominated, constituted, appointed and authorized, and by these presents do nominate, constitute, appoint and authorize Colonel Hugh Hamil, Colonel Thomas Lance, Captain Robert White, Captain William Dobbin, Matthew Cockens, Esq., and Mr. John Mackenzie, as commissioners for us, and in our name to repair to, and treat with, the Right Honourable Lieutenant-General Richard Hamilton, now encamped against Londonderry, with an army of His Majesty's King James the Second, besieging the said city and garrison, or to somewhere near the said camp and city, or to Colonel Dominick Sheldon, Colonel Gordon O'Neal, Sir Neal O'Neal, Sir Edward Vaudry, Lieutenant-Colonel Skelton, and Captain Francis Marow, commissioners nominated, constituted, appointed, and authorized by the said Lieutenant-General Hamilton, and there to treat with him or them, concerning the rendering up of the said city and garrison, to the said Lieutenant-General, for His Majesty's use, with all the stores, ammunition, artillery, arms, implements and habiliments of war, according to the annexed instructions and articles, and such other instructions and articles as you shall from time to time have from us; and on such other articles, matters, and things as shall be proposed to you our said commissioners, by the said Lieutenant-General, or by his said commissioners. And on such treaty to conclude on such articles, matters, and things, for the delivering up of the said city, to the said Lieutenant-General, or whom he shall appoint, with the said stores, ammunition, artillery, arms, implements and habiliments of war, for His Majesty's use; and for the giving and receiving of hostages, for the performance of what shall be stipulated and agreed upon; and the same to reduce into writing, and sign and seal, and to receive the same signed and sealed by the said Lieutenant-General or the said commissioners for us and in our behalf. And what articles, matters, and things you shall agree upon, and reduce into writing, and sign and seal for us and on our behalf, we by these presents bind and oblige ourselves to observe, keep, and perform entirely; in witness whereof, we hereunto put our hands and seals, at Londonderry, the 12th day of July, 1689.
Signed and delivered in the presence of

James Young.
Stephen Herd.
David Ross.
Robert Wallace.
Christophilus Jenny.
Arthur Noble.
Adam Downey.
Arch. Hamilton.
Henry Arkwright.
Thomas Ash.
Theophilus Morrison.
William Ragston.
William Hamilton.
Warren Godfrey.
George Holmes.
John Henderson.
Hercules Burleigh.
George Walker.
John Michelburn.
Richard Crofton.
Adam Murray.
Henry Monro.
Stephen Miller.
Alexander Stewart.
John Crooks.
William Campbell.
William Draper.
James Graham.
John Cochrane.
Francis Obrey.
John Crofton.
John Thompson.
William Mure.
Richard Alpin.

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William R. Young’s Fighters of Derry has for decades been one of the most overlooked works on the Siege of Derry and as a local genealogical resource. First published in 1932, the book was the product of ten years’ research into identifying participants at the siege which the author undertook when suffering from ill-health in the latter part of his life.

The book is essentially divided into two parts: the first contains 1660 biographical entries relating to the defenders of Derry, tracing, where possible, the family lineage; and the second part includes 352 entries on the Jacobite side. Apart from individual accounts of eminent protagonists in the siege, such as David Cairnes, Rev. George Walker, the Duke of Schomberg, Patrick Sarsfield, etc., there is also background given to many of the most influential families involved in the conflict.