Straid County Antrim Guide and Directory 1888

George Henry Bassett
The Book of Antrim

STRAID is a village less than 2½ miles east of Ballyclare, in the barony of Lower Belfast. It had a population of 111 in 1881. Bauxite mines are worked in the immediate vicinity. From Straid Hill there is a fine view of the surrounding country. The land is good for dairying. Crops: potatoes, oats, and some flax. Straid is in the postal district of Ballyclare. Letters should be addressed, Straid, Ballyclare.

Congregational: Rev. J. E. Reilly
Grocers and Drapers: Patrick Girvan, Thos. Wilson
Post Master; Thos. Wilson
School, National: J. R. Wilson
Spirit Rtlr.: Thos. Boyd

Farmers & Residents

Crowe, John, Straid
Crowe, Robert Hugh, Calhaime
Dundee, Sl., Stradnahanna
Gamble, Robt. H., Straidland
Greer, James, Ballylagan
Greer, Wm. H., Dairyland
Henderson, Robt., Calhame
Kennedy, Edward, Calhame
Kennedy, William, Irish hill
Patton, John, Calhame
Weatherup, W. J., Dairyland
Wilson, H., jun., Ballylagan
Wilson, James, Ballylagan
Wilson, James, sen., Ballylagan
Wilson, Thomas, Ballylagan