Padraig Mac Giolla-Domhnaigh

North—This name in the County of Westmeath, particularly about Mullingar, is synonymous with Ultagh. Ultagh (Ultach) is Gaelic of Ulsterman, and it is very probable, if there is no other information available, that Ultagh may be a shortened form of the Co. Donegal sept name M'Anulty (Mac An Ultaigh), the "Son of the Ulsterman." The Co. Down Clan McDunlevy (Mac Duinnshleibhe) were known as "Ultagh"—a sobriquet, and were also called O'Haughy (O'h-Eachaidh). A sept of the name McAnulty occupied a district in Co. Cavan. The Donegal sept occupied a district in Tir Hugh, and the name is common in that County and about Gallan, Co. Mayo.

The name Ultagh would therefore belong to the Co. Cavan sept.

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