Padraig Mac Giolla-Domhnaigh

Leonard—This name is the anglicised form of five or more Irish sept names. The Mac Giolla-Fhionnain sept that ruled in Muintir Pheodachain, Co. Fermanagh, have mostly all anglicised their name Leonard, though some under name of McAlinion, McAlinan and McAlingin are found in the Southern part of the county.

Lynane (O'Luineáin), Lunneen (O'Luinín) and Lenane (O'Luineàin) in the districts about Mallow, Co. Cork, the Eastern parts of Roscommon; and at Listowel, Co. Kerry, respectively, have changed the name to Leonard.

It has also been assumed by members of the O'Looney sept (O'Luinigh) of Muintirloney, in N.W. Tyrone, and by Gilshenan and Mac Uinnsionnáin (Nugent) in Co. Cavan; the Gaelic of Gilshenan being written Mac Giolla-t-Seanain. In Fermanagh and Monaghan the name Lennon (O'Loinín) is also changed to Leonard.

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