AuthorRev Patrick Woulfe
SourceIrish Names and Surnames

Ó hUGHRÓIN—IO Hurrone, O Hurrane, O Horan, Horan; 'descendant of Ughrón'; now corrupted to Ó hOghráin; the name (1) of a branch of the Ui Maine who were seated in the parish of Clonrush, in the south of Co. Galway, where they were very numerous and possessed considerable property down to the Cromwellian confiscations; and (2) of an ecclesiastical family who were coarbs of St. Mochua at Balla, Co. Mayo. Eóin Ó hUghróin, a member of this family, was appointed Bishop of Elphin, in 1245, but died the next year. The name, both in Galway and in Mayo, has long been corrupted to Ó hOghráin, and in the 16th century was generally anglicised O Horane, or O Horan. Compare with Ó Mughróin, now Ó Moghráin.

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