Early Irish History and Antiquities and the History of West Cork


  1. The First Inhabitants of Erin
    1. Partholan
    2. Nemedians
    3. Firbolgs
    4. Dedananns
    5. Milesians
  2. FortsRathsDunsCashels
  3. CromlechsPillar StonesStone Circles
  4. Burial Customs
    1. Cairns
    2. Tumuli
    3. Ogham Stones
  5. Civilisation of the Pagan Irish
    1. Dwellings
    2. Roads
    3. Bridges
    4. Population
  6. Religion of the Celts before the Christian Era
  7. The Brehon Law, and Tribal System
  8. The Red Branch Knights and the Fianna of Erin
  9. Music
  10. St. Patrick
  11. Early Irish Christian Church and its Organization
    1. Solitaries in the Thebaid
    2. Origin of Monasticism
  12. The Danish Invasion
  13. Brian Boru
  14. Clontarf
  15. The Siege and Battle of Kinsale
  16. The Siege of Dunboy
  17. The Flight of O'Sullivan Beare
  18. Bantry Bay
  19. Lords of the Soil of West Cork
    1. O'Driscolls
    2. O'Sullivans
    3. O'Mahonys
    4. O'Donovans
    5. McCarthys
    6. The Cromwellian Settlers
    7. The Whites
    8. Puxley and the Famous Morty Oge
  20. Geological Formation of West Cork
  21. The Fisheries
  22. Clonakilty
    1. Roscarbery
    2. Skibbereen
    3. Baltimore
    4. Cape Clear and St. Ciaran
    5. Bantry
    6. Glengariffe
    7. Adrigole
    8. Bere Island
    9. Castletown
    10. Eyeries
    11. Allihies


  1. Catalogue of the Orders of the Saints
  2. Cork Genealogies
  3. Notices of Corca Laidhe

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Early Irish History and Antiquities, and the History of West Cork

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