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Arms: Same as those of "MacTiernan" (No. 1).

THIS family derives from Michael Oge McKiernan, of Arderry, parish of Drumrielly, barony of Carrigallen, and county of Leitrim, Ireland; who was born about 1680, and died 1750.

1. Michael Oge McKiernan. This Michael was twice married: by the first wife he had eighteen children; by the second, six. Of the twenty-four children we have ascertained the names of five; of the other nineteen, fourteen were sons and five were daughters. The five whose names we have ascertained were—1. Michael, of Fenagh, co. Leitrim, born in 1716, and died in 1800. 2. Farrell, of Keenheen, co. Leitrim, b. 1720, m. Jane Webb, of county Longford, died in 1820, aged 100 years. 3. Lawrence, of Arderry, co. Leitrim, b. 1722, married in Ireland, emigrated to Maryland in 1773, d. 1805, was ancestor of Gale of Maryland. 4. Susan, b. 1729, married a Mr. Plunkett of Mullingar, county Westmeath. 5. Brian Ruadh [roe], of Aughalough, county Leitrim, b. 1733, was twice married—first, to Mary Johnston, and secondly, to Jane Portis, d. 1800.

2. Michael, of Fenagh, county Leitrim: son of Michael Oge; b. 1716; married to Frances Connellan, of county Mayo; emigrated to Maryland in 1773; died 1800. This Michael had ten children: 1. Peter, born at Fenagh, 1747, emigrated to Maryland in 1773, and d. unmarried in Virginia, in 1812. 2. Patrick, who died in infancy, in Ireland. 3. Susan, who also died in infancy, in Ireland. 4. Charles, born at Fenagh, in 1753; married Mary Duigenan of Keshcarrigan (who died in 1788); emigrated to Maryland in 1790, and married Jane MacDonnell, of Virginia, in 1795; died in 1797. 5. Michael, born at Fenagh in 1755; emigrated to Maryland in 1775; and d. unmarried in Virginia, in 1801. 6. Catherine, born at Fenagh in 1757 (d. 1832); first married Patrick O'Ferrall—her second husband was Andrew Goulding—both of Maryland; from her is descended the Rev. Robt. W. Brady, S.J. 7. Margaret, b. at Fenagh in 1759; m. Patrick Tiernan of Virginia; she died in 1814: from her are descended the Tiernans of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 8. Susannah, born at Feenagh, in 1761: was thrice married: 1. to Florence Mahony of Virginia; 2. to a Mr. Quinn of Pennsylvania; and 3. to a Mr. Lewis of Louisiana: she died in 1827. 9. Lawrence, b. at Feenagh, in 1763; emigrated to Maryland in 1775; married Elizabeth Butler of Virginia; died in 1846; he was ancestor of the McKiernans of Illinois. 10. Frances, born at Feenagh, in 1765; married Ignatius O'Ferrall of Virginia; from her are descended the O'Ferralls of Virginia (Berkeley Springs); she died in 1843.

3. Charles: the third son of Michael; b. 1753; d. 1797. This Charles had seven children—1. Frances, b. 1773; d. 1859: was twice married—first to Timothy Monohan; and secondly to a Mr. Melton, both of Maryland; from her is descended John MacKiernan Monohan, of Louisville, Kentucky, living in 1877. 2. Michael, b. 1776, d. 1837; married Mary Protzman, of Pennsylvania; resided at Hancock in Maryland, and had two children—1. Alice (who died young), 2. John. 3. Ella, b. 1778, d. 1845; was twice married—first, to George Sharkey; and secondly to John O'Ferrall, both of Maryland; from her are descended the O'Ferralls of Lewis county, Missouri. 4. John, b. 1780; d. 1824, unmarried, in Tennessee. 5. Peter, b. 1782, d 1837; married Mary Stonebraker, of Maryland; resided at Frederick, in Maryland; left no issue. 6. Francis, born 1784, died 1828; married Catherine Smith of Maryland; resided at Frederick, Md.; left a son named George S. McKiernan, who was born in Frederick, in Maryland, in 1818, and was married in 1852 to Mary Hull who died in 1875: this George S. McKiernan was living in 1877, in New Albany, Indiana. 7. Bernard, b. 1786, d. 1858; was married to Marianne Waters of Maryland; resided in Alabama, and was the ancestor of the MacKiernans of North Alabama.

4. Michael: the second son of Charles; born 1776, died 1837.

5. John: his son; born in Hancock, in Maryland; removed to Ohio; died in Louisiana, in 1840

6. Warren: his son; born in Ohio in 1831; residing in Indianopolis, Indiana, in 1877.

7. John: son of Warren; born 1858, and living in 1877.

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