Lords of Clanbrassil, County Armagh

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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Arms: Az. fretty or, on a fess ar. a boar pass. gu. Crest: A salmon naiant ppr. Motto: Crescit sub pondere virtus.

CANA, a younger brother of Donal who is No. 103 on the "MacMahon" (of Ulster) pedigree, was the ancestor of MacCana (anglicised McCann), Lords of Clanbrassil, county Armagh.

103. Cana ("can:" Irish, to utter; Lat. "can-o:" Heb. "gan-a," a cane; Hind. "gani," to chant): son of Maithgamhuin; a quo MacCana.

104. Cana Mór McCan: his son; first assumed this sirname.

105. Cana Oge: his son.

106. Cathal (or Charles) McCann: his son.

107. Charles (2): his son.

108. Hugh the Valiant: his son.

109. Terence, the wine drinker: his son.

110. Donal (or Daniel): his son; lord of Clanbrassil.

111. Hugh (2): his son.

112. Cairbre Oge: his son.

113. Neal: his son.

114. Neal Oge: hisson.

115. Cairbre Mór: his son.

116. Hugh Mór: his son.

117. Hugh Mór: his son.

118. Terence, of Upper Clanbrassil, in Armagh: his son.

119. Cairbre: his son.

120. Brian Buidhe: his son; lord of Upper Clanbrassil.

121. Lochlann: his son; lord of Clanbrassil.

122. Cormac, lord of Clanbrassil: his son.

123. Brian Ruadh: his son.

124. Glaisneach McCann: his son; had a daughter named Elizabeth, who was married to John Hamilton, by whom she had six sons: one of whom was killed at the battle of Aughrim, on the 12th of July, A.D. 1691.

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