HART (No.2)

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From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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JOSEPH HART, born near Kells, in the county Meath, migrated thence in 1798 or 1799, to Slieve Baugh, county Fermanagh. He married the sister of Bishop Carlin, in the county Meath, and had four daughters and three sons, viz.—1. Patrick, 2. Philip, 3. James.

I. Patrick, m. a Miss McPhilip, of Ahabog, co. Fermanagh, and had four sons and three daus.; the sons were:—1. Patrick, 2. Henry, 3. James, 4. Hugh. Patrick, James, and Hugh were ordained priests in the Catholic Church; and it is thought that Henry had no issue.

II. Philip, the second son of Joseph, m. but had no issue.

III. James, the third son of Joseph Hart, married a Miss MacGowan, of Dartry, county Letrim, and had two sons and one dau., namely—1. Joseph, 2. Patrick, and 3. Rose. This Joseph died at St. Louis, Mo., without issue; and Patrick, his younger brother, married a Miss O'Connell, of the O'Connell family, of Mallow, county Cork, and had one son and three daughters (all living in 1881): namely—1. Joseph, 2. Catherine, 3. Jane, 4. Rose.

When (in 1845) Texas was annexed to the United States, this Patrick Hart, the second son of James, enlisted in the U.S. Army, and served through the Mexican War, in Colonel James Duncan's Light Battery A., 2nd U.S. Artillery; and in 1850 reached home as first Sergeant of that Battery. He was transferred to the Ordnance Department in 1858, as first Sergeant; joined the Paraguay Expedition; and, on the breaking out of the late American War, he was promoted to the rank of Captain commanding Battery B, Irish Brigade, which took a prominent part in the Battle of Gettysburg, Pa., in 1864. Captain Patrick Hart was promoted on the battlefield of the Yellow-Tavern, on the Weldon Railroad, to the rank of Brevet-Major.

It is worthy of remark, in connexion with this brave soldier Major Patrick Hart, that he had fought in sixty-eight battles. He was living in Port Hudson, La., in August, 1881.

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