Downpatrick, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Market Town and Seaport.
Capital of County Down.
About twenty-seven miles from Belfast.
Fair day, first Tuesday of the month.
Market day, Saturday, market also on Tuesday for fowl, butter, and eggs.
Population, 2, 993


—Church Street—Postmistress, Mrs. J. E. Morris.
Letters are received from England, South of Ireland, Dublin, Belfast, &c, at 5-50 and 10-34 a. m.; from Belfast, North of Ireland, and Scotland, at 8-47 a. m. and 3 and 6 p. m.; from Castlewellan, Clough, &c, 8-30 a. m.; from Portaferry, Strangford, Ardglass, and Killough, at 9-35 a. m., 6-10 and 6-25 p. m.; from Portaferry and Strangford, at 2-20 p. m.; from Bishopscourt, Tobermoney, Ballee, Leggamaddy, and Scaddy, at 6-10 p. m.
Letters are forwarded to England, Scotland, Ireland (North and South), Dublin, Belfast, &c, at 9-57 a. m., 2-34 and 6-55 p. m.; to Castlewellan, Clough, Newcastle, Seaforde, Ballydugan, Ballykilbeg, Annsboro', at 4-25 p. m.; to Portaferry, Strangford, Killough, and Ardglass, at 6-20 a. m. and 3-20 p. m.; to Portaferry and Strangford, at 11 a. m.; and to Raholp, Ballyculter, and Bright, at 6-20 a. m.; Bishopscourt, Leggamaddy, Scaddy, Keelstown, Vianstown, Ballyalton, Raholp, Lisboy, &c, at 6-30 a. m.
East Down Harriers—Kennels, Finnebrogue—Master, R. D. Perceval-Maxwell, D. L.; secretary, J. Reid, J. P.; kennel-huntsman, J. Ingleson
Excise Office—W. P. Hanna, Saul street


Church of Ireland, Down Cathedral—Dean, Very Rev. E. Maguire, D. D.; sub-dean, Archdeacon Brown, Seaforde;
minor canon, Rev. P. W. N. Shirley; curate, Rev. F. W. Shorten; precentor, Rev. A. J. Moore, M. A.; chancellor, Rev. H. Stewart, M. A.; treasurer, Rev. R. A. Kernan, B. D.; archdeacon, Ven. J. P. Brown, M. A.; prebendaries, Revs. G. Smith and A. R. Ryder, B. D.; secretary of Cathedral Board, Colonel Wallace; organist, A. J. H. Coulter
Parish Church—Rev. Canon Pooler, D. D., rector; Rev. C. K. Pooler, curate; J. Adamson, organist, English street
Presbyterian Church—Rev. R. M'Elney, M. A.
Methodist Church—Rev. J. Clayton
Unitarian Church—Rev. M. S. Dunbar, M. A.
Roman Catholic Church—Rev. W. Dempsey, P. P.; Rev. G. M'Kav, C. C.; and Rev. J. P. Napier, C. C.


Carnegie Public Library, Church street—Librarian, Maxwell Hutton
Downpatrick Sanitary Committee—J. Maguire, chairman; G. Gibson, hon. secretary
Downpatrick School Boards—Downpatrick Urban—Rev. Canon Pooler, D. D., chairman; S. Cochrane, secretary; G. Breen, school officer. Downpatrick Rural—Rev. Canon Pooler, chairman; Danl. Curran, secretary; Wm. Laverty, school officer
Downpatrick Musical Society—-Hon. conductor, Captain Henderson; hon. sec., Mr. H. E. Kearney
Banks—Northern, English street—W. B. Martin, manager; H. E. Kearney, pro-manager; Ulster, Irish street—S. C. N. Lowry, manager
Southwell Down National Schools—Male teacher, J. Adamson; D. M'Caffrey, assistant; Miss Adamson, jun. assistant; female teachers, Miss A. L. Gifford, principal; Misses S. Lamon and Jones, assistants
Infirmary Street School—Miss Crawford, teacher; Miss E. Crickard, assistant
John Street School—Christian Brothers, teachers
District Lunatic Asylum—Dr. M. J. Nolan, resident medical superintendent; Dr. J. Cotter, assistant medical officer; Dr. Chambers, junior assistant medical officer; Mr. Samuel Rea, clerk; J. W. Lilley, storekeeper; J. Wright, land steward
Union Workhouse—24 Electoral Divisions— Board meets on Saturday; chairman, Charles E. Greene; vice-chairman, Ed- ward Magreevey, J. P.; master, Wm. M. Stevenson; matron, Mrs. Stevenson; medical officer, Dr. Nelson Rural District Council meets on second and fourth Saturdays—Chairman, Mr. Edward M'Quoid, J. P.; vice-chairman, P. M'Mullan; R. L. Morrow, clerk, Union and Rural District Council Mount St. Patrick National Schools—Teachers, Sisters of Mercy
St. Michael's Female Orphanage, Irish st.
Southwell Charity, for six old men and six old women, managed by a Board of Governors, viz.—Canon Pooler, D. D., rector of Down, chairman; the curate of Down, Rev. P. W. N. Shirley (minor canon, Down Cathedral); Lord Dunleath, Hon. S. Ward, Messrs. W. B. Aiken and John Menown (churchwardens, Down Parish Church), Colonel Gracey, Colonel Wallace, Mr. S. Perceval - Maxwell, Mr. R. D. Perceval-Maxwell, Major Pilson, Mr. B. N. Johnson, and Mr. H. C. Weir; John R. M'Connell, secretary
Office of Registrar of Marriages, English street—Registrar, S. Cochrane; deputy-registrar, Wm. Gregory
County Infirmary—Dr. Taylor, house surgeon; T. M. Tate, M. D., surgeon; Miss M'Kay, matron; David Smith, registrar and dispenser
County Club, 118 Irish street—Hon. sec., Captain Henderson
County Courthouse—George Breen, court-keeper
Petty Sessions Court—Every alternate Thursday—Samuel Cochrane, clerk; also Town Clerk
Police Barracks, Church street—A. Gray, county inspector; W. S. Moore, district inspector; N. M'Loughlin, head-constable
Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths—Dr. J. W. Olpherts, Irish street
School Inspector—William M'Millan, B. A.
Town Commissioners—Messrs. J. Kerr, J. P., chairman; J. Denvir, J. P., vice-chairman; Corry, M'Kee, Moore, Smyth, Maguire, Menown, M'Clurg, Dunlop, Y. S.; H. Johnston, H. W. Kelly, A. J. H. Coulter
5th Battalion R. I. Rifles—Barracks, English street—Captain H. M. Taylor, adjutant and captain; Quartermaster Henderson, and Sergeant-Major Gardiner


Acheson, C, Down Hunt Arms Hotel
Agar, L., grocer & spirit merchant, Market street
Agnew, Robert H., victualler, Market st.
Barr, W. & R., victuallers, English street
Beattie, Robert, relieving officer, Fountain street
Beatty, Matthew, Asylum road
Bell, John W., solicitor, Church avenue
Bell, J. W., assistant postmaster, Irish st.
Bell & M'Cartan, solicitors, Church avenue
Birney, Mrs., Oakley park
Blackwood, John, V. S., Circular road
Blaney, Joseph, insurance superintendent, Saul street
Blythe, J. W., hairdresser, Market street
Bohill, Thomas, spirit dealer and cabinetmaker, Bridge street and Market street
Bradley, Thomas, publican, Scotch street
Brand, Miss, mantle maker, Irish street
Brien, Fred & James, grocers, Scotch st.
Briggs, Henry, printer, Irish street
Brown, Robert, refreshment rooms, Circular road
Burns, James, tailor, Irish street
Burns, Mrs., refreshment rooms, Market st
Caher, J., publican, Grangecam
Campbell, Mrs., china warehouse, Irish st.
Campbell, J., principal Ballycruttle N. S.
Cargo, H., & Son, general smiths, Keelstown
Cargo, Wm. H., watchmaker, English st
Carr, J., victualler, Scotch street
Carr, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, Circular road
Carson, Hugh, publican, Church street
Chambers, H. L., builder and contractor, Church street
Chambers, R. I., painter, Irish street
Clark, Andrew, tobacconist, Scotch street
Cleland, John, J. P., Irish street
Cleland, Wm., cycle agent, Market street
Clements, J., Shantallagh, Quoile road
Cochrane, E., grocer and publican, English street
Cochrane, John, stationmaster
Cochrane, M., milliner and draper, Irish st
Corry, W. & B., drapers, Scotch street
Coulter, A. J. H., organist Down Cathedral, music teacher, Church street
Craig, R., sub-postmaster, Ballyalton
Crichton, W. Y., proprietor "Down Recorder "; residence, Dunleathglass
Crickard, G., Circular road
Crowe, J., grocer and spirit dealer, Bridge street
Crymble, H., sub-postmaster, Bailee
Dagg, T. S., assistant estate office, Church street
Davidson, J. W., publican, Church street
Denvir, John, J. P., draper, Irish street
Denvir, W., temperance rooms, Market st.
Devlin, H. P., M. D., Irish street
Devlin, P., spirit dealer, Irish street
Dickson, Hugh (successor to J. M. Tate & Co. ), general ironmonger and iron merchant, Irish street and Market street
Dickson, James, cabinetmaker and undertaker, Scotch street
Dickson, Mrs., Church street
Dickson, Mrs. H., drapery and millinery warehouse, Market street
Dickson, R. J., solicitor (Messrs. Murland & Co. )
Dougherty, John, leather cutter, Market st
Donnelly, Sergeant, R. I. C., chief
Dorrian, P. J., draper, Irish street
Dunbar, Rev. M. S., Unitarian Manse
Dunlop, James, V. S., Church street
Edwards, G., quartermaster-sergt. R. I. R., Irish street
Ferguson, James, engineer, Circular road
Ferguson, James, plumber, Circular road
Fitzpatrick, Peter, auctioneer, English st.
Fitzsimmons, James, grocer and fruiterer, Market street
Fitzsimmons, Peter, draper, Irish street
Fleming, George, B. E., English street
Gardiner, Robert, sergeant-major R. I. R., Irish street
Gibson, Francis, agent East Downshire Co., Scotch street
Gifford, H., The Quoile
Gilmore, Mrs., Circular road
Glen Laundry, Bridge street
Gracey, Lieutenant-Colonel A., J. P., Ballyhosset
Gracey, Miss, English street
Gracey, Robert, law clerk, Pound lane
Gracey, T., deputy Clerk of Peace, Saul st
Gracey, The Misses, milliners, Market st.
Graham, John, dealer, Scotch street
Graham, Wm., carowner, Scotch street
Grant, John, merchant tailor, Irish street
Gray, A., C. I. R. I. C., Saul street
Hall, Conway, Church street
Hall, R., boot and clog manufacturer, Irish street
Hall, William, saddler, Market street
Hanna, Moses, sub-postmaster, Bishopscourt
Hanlon, Neal, fruiterer, Market street
Hanvey, Mrs., publican, Ballynagross
Harley, G. T., solicitor, English street
Hastings, Miss, registry office, Church st.
Hastings, Mrs. William, Portland
Hastings, S. & T., stonecutters, Church st
Heaney, W., watchmaker, Irish street
Henderson, Robert, solicitor, English street
Henry, J., publican, Corbally, Ballykilbeg
Heron, J., county surveyor, Dillon house
Herron, Samuel, saddler, Circular road
Holland, Thomas, publican, Circular road
Hughes, J., V. S., English street
Hunter, Andrew, grocer, Scotch street
Hunter, Robert, spirit dealer, Circular rd.
Hutton, Thomas, publican, Ballydugan
Jennings, John, flesher, Market street
Johnson, Beauchamp N., county solicitor, Irish street
Johnston, Henry, clerk, English street
Johnston, M. J., solicitor, Circular road
Johnston, Misses, Ardcuan, Saul street
Johnston, Miss Moore, Dunleath, Saul st.
Johnston, Roden, medical hall
Johnston, Thomas, tailor, Scotch street and Irish street
Johnston, Wm., Ballykilbeg house
Jordan, Messrs, J., & Co., auctioneer, Church street
Keenan, The Misses, Kingsfield house
Kelly, Hugh W., general ironmonger, hardware and iron merchant, Market street
Kelly, James, publican, Scotch street
Kelly, Owen, cattle dealer, Ballydugan
Kelly, Patrick J., publican, Market street
Kennedy, Mrs., refreshment rooms, Market street
Kerr, James, Victoria terrace
Kerr & Belshaw, merchants, Scotch street
Kidd & Mackarel, grocers, Irish street
King, Matthew, spirit dealer, Market street
Kirkwood, Miss, district nurse, Saul street
Knight, H. C, insurance superintendent, Irish street
Lascelles, Edward, The Stag's Head, whisky and wine merchant, funeral undertaker and general posting establishment, Market street and Irish street
Lascelles, Frances, wine and spirit merchant, and posting establishment, Market street
Lloyd, John, victualler, Market street
Lloyd, Robert, victualler, Market street
Lowry, S. C. N., manager of Ulster Bank, Irish street; res., The Terrace, Church street
MacIlwaine, Robert, secretary County Council
Magee, John, carowner, Irish street
Magee, Mrs., innkeeper, Church street
Mageean, P., grocer and publican, Church street
Maguire, J., painter, Irish street
Mara, Miss, spirit dealer, Bridge street
Martin, Misses, grocers, Church street
Martin, Wm., solicitor, English street and Tobermoney house
Martin, W. B., Northern Bank, English st
Maxwell, R. D. Perceval, J. P., Finnebrogue
Maxwell, Stephen Perceval, Ballydugan house
Mearns, Charles W., gas manager, Market street
Menown, John, cattle dealer, Irish street
Mulligan, Wm., sub-postmaster, Leggamaddy
Mitchell, Joseph, law clerk, Saul street
Moore, Alexander, auctioneer, English street
Moore, W. S., D. I., R. I. C., Donard view
Morris, Mrs., postmistress
Morrison, J. W., refreshment rooms, Irish street
Morrison, James, London house, Market st
Morrison, T., grocer & spirit dealer, Church street
Morrison, Wm., cycle agent, Circular road
Morrow, Mrs., confectioner, Church street
Morrow, R. L., Ardgowan
Morton, T., insurance superintendent, Irish street
Mullan, Mrs., dealer, Irish street
Mullan, Wm., & Son, chimney and boiler cleaners, Fountain street
Murray, J., & Co., drapers, Irish street
M'Allister, Misses, Circular road
M'Bride, Corbet, weighmaster, New Bridge street
M'Bride, John, watchmaker, Market street
M'Bride, Samuel, watchmaker, Irish street
M'Bride, William, merchant, Market street
M'Cann, J., merchant tailor,. Market street
M'Cardell, James, spirit dealer, Stream st
M'Cartan, D., B. A., solicitor, Church av.
M'Cartan, F., general merchant, Stream st.
M'Cartan, Patrick, publican, Saul street
M'Cartan, William, hairdresser, Irish street
M'Cartney, J. & W., newsagents; agents for "Belfast Evening Telegraph" and "Ireland's Saturday Night, " English st
M'Cartney, Wm., Ballymote house
M'Cartney, W., house furnisher, Irish st.
M'Caulfield, Mrs., spirit dealer, Stream st.
M'Clurg, J., & Sons, plasterers, Scotch st.
M'Clurg, Mrs., victualler, English street
M'Connell, John R., agent, Rathmore
M'Connell, Rev. J., C. C., Ballycruttle
M'Connell, J. Alex., The Villas, Circular road
M'Convey, Miss, grocer & publican, Scotch street
M'Court, John, law clerk, Stream street
M'Court, William, law clerk, English street
M'Cracken, Rev. John, Saul Rectory
M'Donald, A., head attendant Down Asylum
M'Donald, R., wheelwright, Church street
M'Elney, Rev. R., The Manse
M'Grady, James, grocer and spirit dealer, John street
M'Garry, Rev. B., P. P., Saul
M'Ilroy, Mrs. L. C, glass and china warehouse, Irish street
M'Kee, John, merchant, Scotch street and Circular road
M'Laughlin, Mrs. J. T., The Terrace, Church street
M'Lean, J., R. M.
M'Lean, Mrs., organist R. C. Church, Irish street
M'Mechan, Miss, draper, Market street
M'Mullan, John, merchant tailor, Irish st.
M'Murray Bros., drapers, English street
M'Murray, T. M., merchant, Church street
Napier, John, farmer and road contractor, Hollymount
Neill, W., plumber and zincworker, Irish st
Nelson, E. F., M. D., The Hill
Nelson, William, baker, Scotch street
Newman, John, watchmaker, Scotch street
Newman, Joseph, jun., printer, Irish street
Nolan, E., assistant county surveyor, Quoile
Olpherts, Dr. J. W., Irish street
O'Hagan, Mrs., Circular road
O'Hanlon, J., timber merchant, Irish street
O'Hare, John, publican, John street
Parkinson, E., solicitor, Acreville
Parkinson, M., grocer, Scotch street
Patterson, J., dairyman, Church street
Patterson, Matthew, saddler, Circular road
Patton, Mrs., milliner, Irish street
Perceval, R. D., J. P., Kary hill
Pilson, Major A. F., D. S. O., Rashvilla
Pooler, Rev. Canon, D. D., rector of Down, Circular road
Pooler, Rev. C. K., English street
Porter, M. J., cycle and motor agent, Market street
Pratt, Isaac, ex-head constable R. I. C., Scotch street
Price, Mrs., Rath Keltair
Quail, Hugh, tobacconist, Irish street
Rea, J., saddler, Irish street
Rea, J. & J., grocers and wine merchants, Market street
Rea, J. J., principal Inch National School
Rea, Samuel, clerk Down Asylum, Scotch street
Rea, Wm., & Sons, fishmongers, Market street
Reid, James, J. P., The Villas
Reynolds, H., hairdresser, Church street
Robinson, J., & Sons, general carriers, John street
Rourke, Chas., general merchant, Market street
Roy, The Misses, dressmakers, Irish street
Russell, C. M., solicitor, Ballydugan cottage
Russell, Wm., & Sons, solicitors, commissioners for affidavits, Downpatrick; branch office, Portaferry
Seed, S., sub-postmaster, Tobermoney
Shaw, Alex., cartmaker, Fountain street
Sheals, Mrs., millinery warehouse, Market street
Shields, W., Medical Hall, Irish street
Shirley, Rev. P. W. N., The Rectory, Ballee
Skeffington, John, butcher, Market street
Smith Bros., carriers and general smiths, Fountain street
Smyth, John H., auctioneer, valuator, and general commission agent, valuations carefully prepared for administrations, trustees, Courts of Chancery; established, 1870; cabinetmaking and funeral undertaking, Irish street
Smyth, Henry, waterworks caretaker, New Bridge street
Smyth, Wm., coachbuilder, Church street
Starkey, P., publican, Irish street
Stewart, Wm., grocer, Irish street
Stockdale, J. & T., builders, Church street
Stokes, J., R. I. C., County Inspector's Office, Irish street
Sun Fire and Life Office—Agent, R. A. Gracey
Tate, Thomas M., M. D., County Infirmary
Tate, W. P., M. D;, Infirmary house
Telford, Mrs., boot manufacturer, English street
Teggart, Patrick, spirit dealer, John street
Tweedy, W., tobacconist, Market street
Tyner, Mrs., English street
Wallace, Colonel Robert H., C. B., Myra Castle, Downpatrick
Wallace, Hugh, & Co., solicitors, English street
Watterson, Alex., hairdresser, Circular road
Watterson, John, tailor, Church street and Scotch street
Watterson, Robert, hairdresser, English st.
Weir, H. C, solicitor, English street
Whiteside, R. P., Drumcullen House
Whiteside & Sons, drapers and clothiers, Market street
White-Finch, Rev. B., Inch Rectory
Young, J. J., accountant County Council
Annsfield, Killyleagh


Allen, R., Ballysallagh
Allen, John, Ballynagross
Bailie, E. J., Clough
Bassett, B., Terminane
Bassett, Wm., Pikestone
Bassett, Wm., contractor, Ballyrenan, Inch
Bibby, Rev. J. H., Ballee
Brown, R., Struell
Burke, W., J. P., Drumcaw
Carson, J., Corbally, Bishopscourt
Casement, H., Ballygally
Caven, James, Ballee
Cavan, R., Ballybranagh
Chambers, J., Tullynaskeagh
Chambers, W. H., The Quarter
Cleland, W., Ballyalton
Cochrane, H. W., Inch
Cochrane, J., Woodgrange
Cochrane, John, Inch
Cochrane, Robert, Inch
Coffey, Samuel, Terminane
Corry, F., Carrownacaw
Corry, W., Saul
Coulter, J., Kilclief
Craig, C, J. P., Tyrella
Crangle, E., Raholp
Crickard, C, Ardmeen
Croskery, H., Ballywarren
Cummings, J., Ballydonnell
Davidson. S., Tullymurry
Denvir, R., Ballymurray
Edgar, Thomas, Rann
Ferguson, D., Ballykeel
Fisher, J., Craigduff
Fitzsimons, J., Ballintogher
Fitzsimons, Rev. J., Audleystown
Fitzpatrick, S., Clough
Flanagan, P., Saul
Forde, Major, D. L., Seaforde
Gibson, A., Ballygally
Gill, R. J., Bishopscourt
Gow, J. C, Ballystokes
Gracey, J., Grangewalls
Hanna, G., Ballynagross
Hanna, R., J. P., Mill Quarter
Hay, W., Lodge Hill, Clough
Holland, T., Ballytrustan
Hughes, B., Ballyculter
Hughes, E. A., Magheracranmoney
Hughes, E., Raholp
Hughes, J., Carrownacaw
Hughes, John, Inch
Hughes, John, Ballyrenan
Hughes, William, Dunanelly
Hughes, W., Ballyviggis
Hunter, Mrs. C, Ballygally
Hutton, J., J. P., Legamaddy
Hutton, James, J. P., Toughlee; res., Bell's Hill
Hutton, William, Legamaddy
Irvine, J., Ballydonnell
Jellie, Misses, Glovett
Jennings, Edward, Ballynacraig
Jennings, F., Ballywarren
Patterson, John, Rann
Porter, H., Loughkeeland
Porter, J., Tobermoney
Porter, R.. Saul
Rea, J., Craigduff
Robinson, J., Ballintogher
Robinson, T., Summerhill
Roney, J. M., Ballycruttle
Rourke, R., Clougher
Seed, M., Ballygilbert
Sloan, John, Inch
Starkey, P., Ballintogher
Strain, R., Tullymurry
Strain, M., Woodgrange
Teggart, H., Ballymote
Thomson, M., Clough
Thompson, Mrs., Dinninew
Trainor, P., Ballynewport
Watson, Southwell, Ballygally
Wilson, D. J., Glovett
Wilson, S., Glovett

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