Donegal Town

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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A Seaport and Market Town in the County, of Donegal.
Chief industry is flax and grain.
Exports, butter and eggs. Market day every Saturday.
Population, 1,214


—Timothy M'Mullan, Postmaster.
Mails arrive—6-40 a.m., 12-10, 7-10 p.m. ; departure—1-20, 6-20 p.m.
Sunday—Arrive—8-30 a.m. ; departure—4-30 p.m.
Stamp Office—Post Office
Inland Revenue Officer—P. Congdon, Ardara
Belfast Bank—S. C. Thompson, manager
Ulster Bank—Samuel Stewart, manager
Courthouse—Robert Keatley, caretaker
Commissioners for Taking Affidavits—Geo. N. K. O'Donnell and Louis Crawford
Coroner—James Boyle, Ballybofey
Justices of the Peace—J. Timony, C. Cannon, H. M'D. Hughes, Daniel Connolly, Howard Crosbie, R.M., Abbeyview; B. Miller, T.R., and Charles Sullivan, J.P.
Coastguard Officer—H. Collins
Dispensary and Hospital—H. T. A. Warnock, M.D.
Inspector of Weights and Measures—Sergt. Mulhern, R.I.C. Barrack
Emigration Agents—Hugh Hughes, James D. Corr, James Dunlevy, M. Flood, and F. Campbell
Petty Sessions—Every fourteen days—George N. K. O'Donnell, clerk
Quarter Sessions—Held four times a year for Crown and Civil business—Chairman, His Honour Judge Cooke ; W. Wilson, Lifford, clerk of the peace
Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths —H. T. A. Warnock ; assistant. P. Connoly, porter, Union Workhouse
Schools—Miss Fitzgerald, mistress of No. 1 National School; M. Byrne, master of Nuala National School; Sisters of Mercy, teachers of No. 2 National School; David Wray, teacher of Robertson's School; A. K. Dunlevy, Robert- son's School, Drumgunn, Donegal; John Bonner, Townavilly N.S.
Solicitors—P. M. Gallagher, R. Todd, Alf. Stubbs, J. Dunleavy, Dr. Lipsett, Thos. Orr, and John Magee
Union Workhouse—Chairman, C. Ward, D.C., Barnesmore ; Clerk of work- house, D. C. Pearson, Rathforker, Donegal ; master, C. Sturdy ; school- mistress, Miss Cooke ; medical officer, H. T. A. Warnock, F.R.S. ; district nurse, E. Kennedy : relieving officer, G. Stewart, Drumgun ; Protestant chaplain, Rev. Mr. Chapman, Vicarage, Donegal ; Roman Catholic chaplain, Rev. Monsignor Canon Walker


Anderson, James, flour, grain and coal merchant
Anderson, William, grocer
Arnold, Wm., saddler, boot and shoe shop
Barron, James, auctioneer
Begley, Andrew, butcher and hide merchant
Bigley, S., publican
Black, H., tailor
Black, Misses, milliners and dressmakers
Blake, Rev. P., P.P., Killymard
Britton Bros., grocers
Britton, Edward, draper
Britton, Miss, milliner and dressmaker
Britton, William, watchmaker and jeweller
Brogan, J., posting establishment
Brogan, J., Tully
Brogan, William, coal merchant
Brown, Charles, horseshoer
Brown, Miss, milliner and dressmaker
Campbell, Francis, sewing agent
Cannon, Condy, draper
Cannon, P., boot, shoe and leather merchant
Carr, John, news and insurance agent
Cassidy, T., publican
Chapman, Rev. W. B., Church of Ireland
Chapman, R., druggist
Chapman, R. S., draper
Clinton, W., boot and shoe maker
Collins, Dr., medical officer, Laghey
Cornyn, P., publican
Corr, James, grocer
Corr, James D., baker and grocer
Coulter, John, carpenter
Coulter, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker
Cunningham, Mrs., sewing agent
Cunningham, T., posting establishment
Craig, J., glass and china merchant
Craig, James, grocer, baker, and confectioner
Diver, J., builder
Dogherty, C, sewing agent
Doherty, C, tinsmith
Doherty, D., baker
Doherty, H., carpenter
Doherty, T., baker and grocer
Dunleavey, James, publican
Dunleavey, James, sewing agent
Dunlevy, Anthony, newsagent
Dunlevy, J., spirit merchant, grocer, and baker
Fawcett, John, Doonan
Flood, M., auctioneer, publican, grocer and seed merchant
Gallagher, J., publican
Galbraith, William, coachbuilder
Gallagher, Michael, saddler
Gallagher, The Misses, milliners and dressmakers
Gallagher, P., watchmaker
Gallen, John, publican, grocer, and seed merchant
Garrel, James, painter and glazier
Gildea, P., publican
Gillespie, Lawrence, publican
Graham, John, Tullymorn
Hamilton, Major J. P., Brown Hall, Ballintra
Hamilton, W., J.P., Caxton
Hammond, Edward, builder and timber merchant, cooper, hardware, oil and colour merchant
Hammond, Messrs., Bridgetown
Harvey, M., tailor
Hastings, Captain, The Arron Hotel and posting establishment
Haughey, E., publican
Henderson, James, J.P.
Henderson, James, watchmaker and jeweller
Henderson, James, draper, newsagent and sewing machine agent
Henderson, John, tailor
Henderson, David, carpenter
Henderson, D., painter and glazier
Hilly, Owen, billposter
Hughes. Hugh, coal merchant and ship broker
Irwin, Joseph, timber, hardware, oil and colour merchant
Irwin, J., grocer, baker, and confectioner
Jackson, William, builder
Jackson, William, painter and glazier
Joyce, Dr., Ardchecken house
Kee, John, printer
Kelly, William, butcher and hide merchant
Kennedy, Ambrose, tailor
Knight, J., builder
Langan, H., draper, boot & shoe merchant
Magaghrin, John, publican
Magee, John, & Co., boot and shoe merchants, and agents for the Convoy Woollen Co.
Maguire, John, tinsmith
Mahon, T., tailor
Martin, A., carpenter
Martin, P., fruit dealer
Meeghan, P., publican
Meehan, P., fruit dealer
Millar, Miss, draper
Miller, Miss, draper, milliner & dressmaker
Morrow, J., grocer
M'Brerty, John, horseshoer
M'Brerty, The Misses, milliners and dressmakers
M'Caffrie, Henry, newsagent
M'Carrigle, William, butcher
M'Cready, P., baker
M'Clay & M'Dermott, auctioneers
M'Cloy, Miss, manageress Commercial Temperance Hotel
M'Dermot, P., grocer
M'Dade, William, plough maker and whitesmith
M'Gahern, Miss, milliner and dressmaker
M'Getigan, E., sewing agent
M'Ginty, John, boot, shoe and leather merchant
M'Ginty, L., posting establishment
M'Ginty, T., publican and sewing agent
M'Glanaghy, M., boot and shoe maker
M'Glinchy, John, head billposter
M'Neely, J., butcher and hide merchant
M'Golrick, Michael, publican
M'Lay, A., publican
M'Lone, Joseph, J.P., draper
M'Menimen, D., posting establishment
M'Millan, W., timber, hardware, oil and colour merchant
M'Mullin, Hartley, publican, grocer, delph, and china merchant
M'Shane, Rev. Henry, C.C.
Neilson, Rev. R., M.A., Presbyterian minister, Donegal No. 2
Noble, E., draper
Noble, Mrs. Mary, draper
Pearson, D. C, Rathforker
Pinkerton, N., baker
Pomeroy, J. A., Esq.. seat of the Marquis of Conyngham, The Hall, Mountcharles
Quigley, John, publican
Quigley, Mrs., posting establishment
Rea, Andrew, draper
Robinson, Thomas, horseshoer and plough maker
Scarff, Alex., posting establishment and insurance agent
Slevin, E., tailor
Slevin, P., publican
Smullen, Mrs. S., Commercial Hotel, publican, and posting establishment
Smullen, Mr.
Snodgrass, R. S., grocer
Steadman, M., county surveyor, Flower hill
Stewart, Captain, Bonny Glen, Inver
Stevenson, James, Drummeny
Stevenson, R., Drummeny
Stevenson, William, Drimeenagh
Stevenson, William, Drummeny
Sweeney, John, boot, shoe, and leather merchant
Sweeney, John, Market Hall, agent to the Earl of Arran
Sweeney & Hammond, auctioneers
Temple, Robert, draper
Timony, James, draper
Wamsley, Rev. M., Wesleyan minister
Walsh, Johp, grocer
Wallace, Sir A., Ardnamona
Ward, Rev. M., C.C., Clair
White, Captain, Lough Eske Castle
White, W., carpenter
Williamson, J., publican
Williams, Rev. James, Church of Ireland, Killymard
Wray, A., draper, boot and shoe merchant

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