From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Cavan, an inland county about 80 miles from Belfast and 54 miles from Dublin.
There is a Grain Market on Mondays and a general Market every Tuesday.


Letters from Dublin and South of Ireland, also from England and Scotland, are delivered at 7 a.m. and 10-30 a.m., and are despatched at 1-30, 4-30, 7-15, and 9-30 p.m. D. O'Doherty, postmaster


Church of Ireland, Farnham street—Rev. E. D. Crowe, M.A., rector; Rev. R. B. Rowan, curate
Presbyterian Church, Farnham street—Rev. W. M'Dowell
Methodist Church, Farnham street—Rev. John Coulter
Roman Catholic Cathedral—Rev. Charles Magee, Adm.; Rev. M. Comey, D.D., and Rev. Hugh Brady, curates


Banks—Bank of Ireland, Main street—W. F. Gill, agent.
Provincial Bank of Ireland, Farnham street—T. Kidd, mangr.
Ulster Banking Co., Ltd.—R. A. M'Cay, manager.
Hibernian Bank—W. H. Bell, manager
Royal School—J. H. Hampton, B.A., principal
County Council—Secretary, W Finlay
Committee of Agricultural and Technical Instruction—J. P. Gannon, secretary, Courthouse
Urban District Council—Thomas M'Guinness, town clerk
Union Workhouse—Thirty-three electoral divisions. Board meets on Tuesday. T. J. Smith, Pullamore, chairman; Jos. D. Grier, clerk and returning officer; John Gaffney, master; Dr. M'Gauran, medical officer. Chaplains—Church of Ireland, Rev. E. D. Crowe, M.A.; Presbyterian, Rev. W. M'Dowell; R.C. chaplain, Rev. P. Brady
County Infirmary, Church street—Registrar, Mr. C. A. O'Brien; surgeon, H. W. Acheson, M.D.; matron, Miss Sheridan
Probate Registry Office—S. Jones, solicitor, district registrar
Railway Stations—M.G.W.R.—J. Lyons, stationmaster. G.N.R.—J. Anderson, stationmaster
Registration of Titles Office—Registrar, H. H. Moore
St. Patrick's College—Rev. James Judge, principal
R.I. Constabulary Station—County Inspector E. O'Halloran Hill; District Inspector, G. Knox
4th Battalion R.I.F.—F. A. M. Welsh, Captain, O.C.; R. W. R. Jendwine, Captain and Adjutant; F. Everard, Captain; and J. Williams, Sergeant-Major
Cavan Gaslight Co.—Bernard Smith, secrety.
Commissioners for taking Affidavits—Thomas J. Smyth, 100 Main street; Martin Tierney, Wesley street; Crown and Peace Office—H. H. Moore, clerk; C. A. O'Brien, assistant clerk
Hotels—Farnham Arms, M. Geller, proprietor; Royal, Mrs. Mervyn, proprietress; and Imperial Hotel, R. Forsythe, proprietor
Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths—Joseph D. Grier, Clerk of Union


Acheson, H. W., M.D., Infirmary house
Andrews, C. C., Provincial Bank
Atwell, Thomas, solicitor, Wesley street
Atwell, W. H., Farnham place
Beatt, Alexander, Keadew lodge
Beattie, W., merchant, Main street
Belford, John, J.P., draper, Main street
Blackley, T. R., J.P., estate agent, Drumbar
Blake, W. K., sub-agent Bank of Ireland
Boylan, A., Most Rev., D.D., Bishop of Kilmore, Cullies house
Boylan, Patrick, publican
Brady, Bernard, Main street
Brady, John, draper, Main street
Brady, Patrick, draper, Bridge street
Brown, Robert, C.B.O., College street
Buchanan, James, publican, Bridge street
Carson, Miss, private hotel, Farnham street
Cinnamond, Robert, victualler, Church street
Clark, W. H., petty sessions clerk
Clarke, J., M.D., Church street
Clarke, W. H., Wesley street
Clements, Mrs., Dromkeen house
Connolly, W., boot manufacturer
Conaty, B., publican, Bridge street
Cronin, P., Telegraphs, Market square
Cross, Robert, Killagoan
Cullen, J., publican, Main street
Daniel Bros., coachbuilders, Railway road
Dawson, William, M.R.C.V.S., Main street
Downey, John, Main street
Elliott, Right Rev. Dr., The See House, Cavan
Ellis, George, Kilnavarra
Farley, G. W., M.D., Ballyhaise
Farley, Thomas, fruiterer, Wesley street
Farnham, Right Hon. Lord, Farnham house
Farrell, E., newsagent
Farrell, J., M.P., proprietor "Cavan Weekly News"
Farrell, M. A. O., journalist, College street
Fay, John, J.P., Main street
Fegan, John, J.P., Main street
Fegan, Robert, Swellan
Fegan, W. J., solicitor, Market square
Fitzsimons, Michael, publican, Church street
Fogarty, Thomas, St. Patrick's College
Forbes, A., Earlsvale (Sub-Sheriff)
Forsythe, R., grocer, Main street
Foster, John, shipping agent, Brookvale
Gallen, M., 3 Urney terrace
Galligan, P., plumber, Main street
Galligan, Philip, publican, Bridge street
Gannon, John, & Co., furniture manufacturers, Main street
Glancy, Patrick, cooper, Bridge street
Goodbody, T. P., & R., tobacconists, Main street
Gordon, A. W., cycle agents, Abbey street
Gorman, J. & Co., drapers, Main street
Gray, James, Church street
Grier, Joseph D., Tower Hamlet
Halpin, W. H., solicitor, Farnham street
Hamilton, Robert, Farnham street
Hampton, J. H., Royal School
Haughton, Henry, jeweller, Main street
Haughton, Joseph, Annesley terrace
Hewitt, W., 1 Fagan terrace
Hobson, A., cycle agent, Bridge street
Houston, W., victualler, Bridge street
Hyland, M., publican, Main street
Jones, R., chemist, Church street
Jones, S., solicitor, Farnham street
Kennedy, Hugh P., Crown solicitor—Offices, Main street
Kennedy, V. P., M.P., solicitor, Market square
Kirby, M., I.R., Glenview
Kidd, T., manager Provincial Bank
Kinnear, Miss, dressmaker, Market square
Kirkpatrick, Allen & Ritchie, Main street
Lacy, W., Bridge street, Cavan
Lawrence, Mrs., publican, Church street
Lee, Miss, chemist, Bridge street
Leonard, A., draper, Main street
Levins, Peter, publican, Bridge street
Levinson, B., furniture warehouse, Market square
Loudan, Susan, victualler
Lyttle, R. S., Post Office, Cavan
Maison, Blackburn, &: Co., Main street
Malcolmson, E. A., M.D., Farnham street
Malony, James, baker, Main street
Marron, P., publican, Mill street
Matthews, William, painter and glazier, Church street
Mee, Mrs., publican, Railway road
Mervyn, Robert, Waterloo lodge
Mervyn, Mrs., proprietress Royal Hotel, Main street
Morris, William H., plumber, Main street
Morrow, Miss M., 4 Fagan terrace
Mulligan, John, Railway hotel
Murphy, J. K., 1 Urney terrace
M'Cann, T., grocer, Main street
M'Carren, Andrew, J.P., merchant, St. Helen's
M'Cauley, Harry, tobacconist, Main street
M'Cay, R. A., manager Ulster Bank
M'Craith, C., solicitor, Church street
M'Donald, Philip, draper, Main street
M'Dowell, Rev. W., Farnham street
M'Entee, A., publican, Main street
M'Entee, J., draper, Main street
M'Gauran, James, auctioneer, &c., Cullies
M'Gauran, Dr., Church street
M'Guinness, Thomas, auctioneer, &c., Main street
M'Guirk, T., Belmont villa
M'Kever, James, Barrack hill
M'Kiernan, John, publican, Main street
M'Manus, P., grocer, Bridge street and Main street
Neary, James H., Main street
Neary, P. F., Main street
Neary, R., publican. Main street
Niblock, Robert, contractor, Wesley street
O'Brien, C. A., Annesley terrace
O'Brien, James, agent Goodbody's, Main st.
O'Brien, T. E., C.E.
O'Connor, The Misses, apothecaries, Main street
O'Dowd's Temperance Bar, Bridge street
O'Hanlon, E. T., editor Anglo-Celt
O'Hanlon, F. J., manager Anglo-Celt
O'Reilly, W., R.M., Kevit, Crossdoney
O'Rourke, B., publican, Church street
O'Shea, P., publican, Main street
Olvaney, Matthew, College street
Pollock, T., County Cavan Stores, Main st.
Quinlan, Howley, undertaker, Wesley street
Ramage, R., College street
Ramsay, Samuel J., merchant, Main street
Reid, W., solicitor—Office, Church street
Reilly, C., publican, Main street
Reilly, Daniel, merchant, Church street
Reilly, Francis, J.P., publican, Main street
Reilly, Patrick, publican, Bridge street
Reilly, Philip, secretary Postmen's Federation, Cavan
Roche, E., organist Catholic Cathedral, Cavan
Ronaghan, O., victualler, Main street
Shevlin Bros., publicans, Main street
Simons, Arthur, saddler, Main street
Simmonds, H., sub-manager Provincial Bank of Ireland
Small, Mrs., pawnbroker, Main street
Smith, A. H., watchmaker, Main street
Smith, Joseph, Wesley street
Smith, P., spirit merchant, Main street
Smith, Louis C. P., solicitor, chairman Cavan Urban District Council, Farnham street
Smith, Thomas A., stationer, Bridge street
Smyth, Michael, publican, Main street
Smyth, Thomas J., printer, bookseller, stationer, and newsagent
Somerville, R. N., B.E., county surveyor, Atbara
Sullivan, John, cooper, Barrack hill
Swan, Mrs., saddler, Main street
Taggart, J., J.P., coachbuilder, Church st.
Thompson, James, grocer, Main street
Thompson, John, merchant, Main street
Thompson, R., builder, Church street
Tierney, M., Farnham street
Tierney, Thomas, Strawberry lane
Walsh, T. K., journalist, Belmont villa
Wellwood, R. N., assistant county surveyor, Cavan
Young, Charles, publican and grocer, Wesley street

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