Castlewellan, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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42 miles from Belfast.
Its Staple Industry is Spinning and Bleaching Linen.
Market day every Monday.
Population, 945.


—Letters from Dublin and the South of Ireland, also from England, arrive, every morning at 6-25 a.m., and are despatched every evening at 5-40. Letters from Scotland and England arrive every day at 12-35 p.m. from Belfast—(this arrival is specially for the town, as there are no despatches on the arrival of this mail)—and from Belfast and the North of Ireland every evening at 6-15 p.m., and from Belfast at 6-35 p.m., and are despatched every morning at 6-45. A post car leaves every morning on arrival of post car for Bryansford and Newcastle, and returns by same route in time for the Newry car in the evening.


Church of Ireland (St. Paul's)—Rev. J. D. R. Kidd, M.A., incumbent; Bryansford—Rev. A. Langtray
Methodist Church—Dundrum and Castlewellan Circuit ministers
Presbyterian Church—Rev. Robert Anderson, M.A.
Roman Catholic Chapel—Rev. J. O'Connor, P.P., and Rev. Father Magowan, C.C.
Solicitors with Offices in Castlewellan—Don M'Cartan, M.P.; Bell & M'Cartan, M. Martin, H. C. Weir, J. M'Spadden, W. Russell


National School (No. 1)—Mr. M. Cafferky and Miss Gilmore, teachers
Endowed School, Bryansford—Mr. W. A. Bourk and Miss Lockhart, teachers
National School (No. 2)—Mr. Harland, teacher; Miss Ryan, assistant
Stamp Office—Mrs. Quinn
Dispensary, Bryansford—Robt. Magill, M.D
Petty Sessions Clerk—Whiteman, Hillyard, M.R.C.S.E.
Castlewellan Dispensary—Dr. Cromie, registrar for births, marriages and deaths


Agar, William John, civil bill officer
Allen, George, J.P., Mountpanther
Anderson, Rev. Robert, M.A., The Manse
Annesley, Earl, J.P., Castlewellan Castle
Baxter, David, contractor
Bell & M'Cartan, solicitors, Castlewellan
Branney, Pat, foreman plasterer, The Grange
Brown, Rev. P., Seaforde
Burns, Michael, butcher
Burns, Peter, butcher
Cardwell, Lawghey, tailor
Carson, E., Ballyward, Castlewellan
Charlton, James, tailor
Cleland, Thomas, foreman baker
Cochrane, James, potato dealer, Knockstacken, Castlewellan
Colgan, Mrs., Ballyward, Castlewellan
Collins, James, hardware merchant
Collins, J., plumber and gasfitter
Corrigan, P., New row, Castlewellan
Cowan, Charles, posting establishment
Cunningham, H., New row, Castlewellan
Cunningham, J., spirit dealer
Cunningham, John, boot and shoe maker and posting establishment
Cunningham, Peter, carowner
Cusack, Thomas, saddler
Davidson, James, agent for the Singer Sewing Machine Co.
Denny, J., contractor
Domegan, Edward, New row, Castlewellan
Donnen, Hugh, mechanic, Annsborough
Enery, Sarah, china merchant; agent for the Belfast Weekly News
English, James, spirit dealer, Glanvaraghan
Ennis, Mr., clerk of Northern Bank
Faulkner, John, Annesley row, Castlewellan
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, spirit dealers and grocers, Drumnaquoile, Castlewellan
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, shoemaker, New row, Castlewellan
Fitzpatrick, Stephen, spirit dealer, Clough
Flanagan, Owen, grocer
Forde, Major, D.L., J.P., Seaforde
Gardiner & Blackwood, drapers and merchant tailors
Garrett, J. H. Moore, J.P., Corriewood
Gibson, Sarah, nurse
Gilmore, The Misses, schoolmistresses
Gracey, David, assistant county surveyor
Graham, J., grocer and haberdasher, Bryansford
Grant, Patrick, publican
Greer, G., sub-agent, Annesley office
Hall, Robert, clogmaker and shoemaker
Herron, William, grocer and spirit dealer, Leitrim
Holton, William, Northern Bank
Hull, James, bookkeeper
Johnston, Sergeant, R.I.C.
Jones, James, stonecutter
Jones, J., manager Robinson's Celebrated Grey Granite Quarries, Castlewellan
Kelly, James, grocer and leather seller
Kelly, John, Ann hill, Castlewellan
Kerr, John, blacksmith
Kidd, Rev. Mr., incumbent of St. Paul's
Kilpatrick, M., & Son, steam saw mills, Castlewellan
King, Mrs., refreshment rooms
Lee, Rodden Arms Hotel, Bryansford
Leeson, James, lodging house keeper
Leslie, Captain, Ballyward lodge
Lewis, T., mill engineer
Lindsay, Mrs. Elizabeth, grocer and spirit dealer
Linton, William, grocer
Lowry, John H., bookkeeper, Castlewellan
Luke, Dr.
Mack, J., bleacher
Macqueen, Nicholas, hairdresser, Castlewellan
Magee, Rev. J., P.P., Kilcoo, Castlewellan
Maginn, John, soda water manufacturer and spirit dealer
Matthews, E., grocer, Annsborough
Matthews, Thomas, baker
Matthews & Finnigan, bakers and grocers
Mooney Bros., wholesale wine and spirit merchants
Morgan, Mrs. James, Commercial hotel
Mulholland, Bernard, Annsborough
Munn, Elizabeth, bonnetmaker and dressmaker
Murland, James, flaxspinner and linen manufacturer
Murland, James, J.P., Annsborough house
Murphy Bros., marine store dealers
Murphy, Henry, plumber, Annsborough
Murphy, R. A., milliner
Murray, D. J., Castlewellan and Cillan Fort, Newcastle
Murray, Miss, haberdasher
Murray, Patrick, auctioneer, Clonvaraghan
M'Aleenan, James, auctioneer
M'Aleenan, John, C.E., auctioneer and valuator
M'Aleenan, Joseph, foreman carpenter
M'Aleenan, Miss, spirit dealer
M'Aleenan, Mrs. J., milliner
M'Aleenan, Patrick, contractor and builder
M'Avoy, The Misses, The Arcade
M'Cann, John, grocer and spirit dealer
M'Cartan, Bernard, grocer and spirit dealer
M'Cartan, John, haberdasher
M'Cartan, Owen, carowner
M'Cartan, Owen, publican
M'Cartan, P. F., spirit grocer & ironmonger
M'Cartin, Michael, spirit dealer
M'Cartin, Robert, farmer and grocer
M'Clean, John, farmer and dealer
M'Conville, Rev. M., P.P., D.D., Gregory, Castlewellan
M'Evoy, Patrick, New row, Castlewellan
M'Glave, Patrick, National School teacher
M'Grath, Patrick, Ballyward, Castlewellan
M'Guire, Dominick, B.A., National School teacher, Annsborough
M'Kinney & Co., soda water manufacturers and spirit dealers
M'Kinney, John
M'Mordie, H., weaving master, Lower Clark hill
M'Mullan, James, merchant grocer
M'Nabb, Dr., surgeon
M'Night, Joseph, carrier
M'Nulty, B., spirit dealer
M'Nulty, Mary, haberdasher and grocer
M'Partan, Edward, New row, Castlewellan
Nugent, John, hairdresser
O'Connor, Rev. J., P.P., U.F.
O'Flinn, James and Daniel, woollen drapers and auctioneers
O'Hare, Patrick, grocer and spirit dealer
O'Hare, Stephen, spirit dealer
O'Neill Bros., coachbuilders
O'Neill, Charles, Annesley row, Castlewellan
O'Neill, Hugh, Annsborough
O'Neill, J.
O'Reilly, Rev. Daniel, P.P., Clanvaraghan
Porter, John, blacksmith, Bryansford
Peters, R. J., woollen draper
Quail, Rev. P., Leitrim
Quinn, John, foreman carpenter, The Grange
Robinson, Joseph, farmer, Ballywillwill house
Roden, Earl of, Tollymore park, Bryansford
Rodgers, James, blacksmith
Rowan, William, M.D., dispensary, Ballyward
Russell, W., & Sons, solicitors, Castlewellan
Ryan, Thomas, head gardener for Earl of Annesley
Savage, Hugh H., manager Mooney Bros.
Skillen, William, watch and clock maker
Smith, John, tailor
Smith, engineer
Smith, Patrick, The Grange
Smylie, J. M., druggist
Stewart, James, woollen draper
Stewart, S., millowner and farmer, Maghera
Stranahan, William, grocer and ironmonger
Sturgeon, George, mechanic, New row, Castlewellan
Sun Fire and Life Offices—Agents, Mooney Bros.
Teer, Joseph, Annsborough
The Star Bakery Company
Thompson, Francis, general merchant
Thompson, James, veterinary surgeon
Thompson, cashier, Northern Bank
Thompson, Samuel, draper
Thompson, Samuel, haberdasher and ironmonger
Toner, James, new row, Castlewellan
Tufts, Andrew, bookseller, stationer, and undertaker
Tufts, S., V.S., Commercial Hotel and posting
Tumulty, Bernard, Ann hill, Castlewellan
Wallace, Samuel, lodging house keeper
Walsh, Samuel, Clarkhill, agent British
Workman Insurance Co.
Ward, Catherine, china warehouse
Ward, Edward, butcher
Ward, John, painter
Ward, John, butcher
Whiteside, William, landsteward for Earl of Annesley
Wilson, George, watch and clock maker
Wisdom, White, shoemaker
Wright, Samuel, manager Lindsay's grocery and spirit stores


M'Bride, John, Ballywillwill, Castlewellan
M'Dowell, James, Ballywillwill, Castlewellan
Robinson, Joseph, Ballywillwill house
Savage, Patrick, Dromaroad, Castlewellan


From Belfast—Mail car leaves Newry every morning at half-past three, passing through Rathfriland at 5 a.m.; Castlewellan, 6-25 a.m.; Clough, 7-30; and to Downpatrick, 8-30 a.m., in time for the 10 o'clock mail train. To Newry—Mail van leaves every evening at 6-15 p.m., and goes through Rathfriland. The first train leaves Newcastle at 8-40 a.m. : one-horse car leaves A. Tuft's & Cowan's at 8-45 a.m. to meet the train from Belfast, which arrives in Newcastle at 9 a.m. This car takes down passengers to go to Belfast by the 9-45 train, and brings back any persons coming by the 9 train. The same car leaves Castlewellan again at 11-45, to meet the 12-30 train from Belfast, and returns immediately to Castlewellan. The same car leaves Castlewellan again at 5-44 p.m., with passengers for Belfast by the 6-30 p.m. train, and returns immediately with any passengers which may arrive from Belfast for Castlewellan by the 6-17 train A car leaves every morning at 9-15 a.m., arrives in Rathfriland at 11-15 a.m., and Castlewellan at 1 p.m.

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