Carrickfergus, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Ten and a quarter miles from Belfast.
An ancient Seaport and Market Town.
It has an ancient Church and a Castle situated on a rock projecting into the sea.
William III. landed here in 1690, previous to the Battle of the Boyne.
The chief industries are salt mining, flax-spinning, weaving, bleaching and printing.
There is a market day every Saturday.
Population, 4,208


—Miss O'Gorman, Postmistress—High street.
Sorting Clerks and Telegraphists—Miss Weatherup, Miss C. O'Gorman, Miss M'Kinney.
Town Postmen—William Henderson, James Henderson.
Rural Postmen—Bryce Douglas, Joseph S. Henderson, John Wilson.
Four auxiliary postmen; two telegraph messengers.
Outward mails—8 a.m., Belfast; 10-30, Dublin, Belfast, and Northern Counties; 1-15, English and Irish; 3-5, Larne; 5-55, Stranraer boat; 6-30, all places.
Parcels—1-5, 5-45, 6-25.
Deliveries—7-40, 8-55, 11-15, 4-15; parcels same.
Callers—7-30, 8-45, 11, 4-15.
One delivery on Sunday—Town, 8; rural, 8.
One despatch—6 p.m.

Carrickfergus Gas Company, Limited—Office and Works, Irish Quarter West. The capital stock of the company consists of £3,000, divided into 600 transferable shares of £5 each. Directors—Richard M'Giffin (chairman); Robert Cambridge, Alex. Miscampbell. Auditor—John M'Connell. Manager and Secretary—R. Campbell

Markets—Grain, potatoes, and butter, &c., Saturday; pork, Monday; cattle, first Saturday of each month

Fairs—First Saturday in February, first May, first Saturday in August, first November

Barn Spinning Mills—James Taylor & Sons, Ltd., proprietors; J. B. Pirrie, managing director

Barn Open Boat Sailing Club—Commodore, J. B. Pirrie, Esq.; vice-commodore, J. L. M'Ferran, Esq., Oakfield; captain, R. M'Giffin; secretary and treasurer, W. J. Beattie

Belfast Water Works, Woodburn—George E. Reilly, superintendent

Duncrue Hemstitching Factory—G. & J. Templeton, proprietors

Salt Union, Ltd.—Alex. Miscampbell, local manager

Carrickfergus Salt Works Company, Ltd.—Thomas Oakes, local manager

Chemical Salt Company, Ltd.—Thomas A. Walker, local manager

Salt Mines Syndicate—James Hodkinson & Sons, proprietors

Joymount Bleach, Dye, and Print Works—Branch of Sullatober Bleaching and Print Works Company, Ltd.

Shipbuilding Yard, Belfast Road—John Hilditch, proprietor

Yacht Building and Repairing Yard, Governor's place—John Hilditch, proprietor

Sullatober Bleaching and Print Works, Co., Limited—Samuel Johnston, managing director; George F. Elliott, manager and secretary

Woodburn Weaving Factory—County Down Flax Spinning and Weaving Co., Ltd.—Henry Smyth, local manager

Carrickfergus Harbour Junction Railway—Capital, £6,500, in 650 shares of £10 each. By an order of the Local Government Board, issued in 1904, the management of this railway is now vested in the Urban District Council of Carrickfergus—Robert Davey, secretary

Midland Railway (Northern Counties Committee)—W. J. M'Dowell, stationmaster

Gill's Charity—This charity was established pursuant to the will, dated 23rd March, 1761, of Alderman Henry Gill, of Carrickfergus, and has for its object the annual support and maintenance for ever of fourteen aged men, reduced in their circumstances, who are not able to get a maintenance to themselves, and who have either been born in, or inhabitants, of the town and parish of Carrickfergus from their youth. The property of the charity produces at the present time an annual income of about £300, which is almost double what the yearly produce was at the date of the bequest. The entire income is applied by. the trustees in accordance with the terms of the will of the donor; but as the charity is a private one, no accounts are ever issued to the public. The present trustees are—Messrs. W. Gorman, J.P.; S. P. Close, A.R.H.A.; W. A. Woodside, J.P.; H. I. Johns, J.P.; Daniel Bowman, J.P.; James Boyd, and Alex. Miscampbell; David Gillespie, secretary; David Law, assistant secretary

Sheil's Charity—A sum of money bequeathed by a benevolent gentleman of that name—a native of Killough, County Down, a successful merchant of Liverpool—for the purpose of building 21 comfortable houses for respectable persons in reduced circumstances. These houses are rent free, and each inmate receives £10 a year, with fire and light, on condition of raising £10 a year towards their support. Open to residents in the Co. Antrim. There are similar institutions in Killough, Dungannon, Armagh, and Dublin. Trustees—M. R. Dalway, D.L.; W. A. Woodside, J.P.; H. J. M'Bride, J.P.; H. I. Johns, J.P.; Samuel P. Close, A.R.H.A.; Edward Coey, J.P.; Rev. George Chamberlain, M.A.; Rev. F. C. Henry, P.P. Superintendent, Archibald Lisk. Secretary, T. Gordon, Dublin. Meet first Monday in January, April, July, and October

Member of Parliament for East Antrim—Colonel Jas. M. M'Calmont, D.L.

Magistrates for County Antrim sitting in Petty Sessions District of Carrickfergus—Daniel Bowman, William Gorman, R. J. Orr, John Vint, Robert MacMurray, John Wilson, William Allen Woodside, Colonel James Craig, Wm. T. Doran, Dr. H. Gault, D. M'Kelvey, John Macauley, Thomas Milliken, Dr. W. Martin, Joseph M'Caughen, Dr. Charles Dundee, Alan Carswell, Thomas Scott, and Walter Caruth

Urban District Council (18 members)—Henry M'Cavana, James Blackburne, William Byrtt, William H. Howe, John Cameron, A. Hay, T. Jack, J. Ferry, S. M'Allister, D. Lawlor, C. M. Legg, John Hilditch, F. W. Wisnom, J. Patterson, T. Mitchell, John Campbell; J. L. M'Ferran (vice-chairman); Thos. Vint, J.P. (chairman). Town clerk—J. Boyd. Receiver—Henry Blackburne. Auditor—W. E. Ellis, LL.D. Solicitors
—Johns, Bates, & Johns, Belfast

Harbour Master—Captain R. Shaw

Larne Rural District Council—Carrickfergus Electoral Division—Robert M'Cammon, Thomas M'Allister

Antrim County Council—Carrickfergus Electoral Division—Alex. Miscampbell

Coroner—Arthur Mussen, M.D., Glenavy

Clerk of Petty Sessions—James Boyd, Town Hall

Clerk of Town Court—David Law

Surveyor—W. D. R. Taggart, C.E.

Rate Collector for Urban and Rural Districts—David L. Wilson, Milebush, Carrickfergus

Collector of Income Tax—John Boyd, Whitehead and Belfast

Commissioner for taking Affidavits—James Boyd, C.P.S.; office, Town Hall

Dispensary, Antrim street—Dr. S. Killen, medical officer

Relieving Officer—T. G. Feeney, Castle street

Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths—Dr. S. Killen; deputy registrar, James Boyd. Office—Dispensary, Antrim st.

Sanitary Officer—Dr. S. Killen; sanitary sub-officer, Thomas G. Fenney

Fire Brigade Station, North street—Superintendent, Sergt.-Major Forsyth (W.O.), R.A.; deputy-superintendent, P. E. Deane

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