1. The Plantation of Ulster
  2. The Land and the People
  3. Scotch Migration to Ulster
  4. Formative Influences
  5. Emigration to America
  6. Scotch-Irish Settlements
  7. On the New England Frontier
  8. In New York and the Jerseys
  9. Pennsylvania—The Scotch-Irish Centre
  10. The Indian Wars
  11. Planting the Church
  12. On Stony Ground
  13. The Source of American Presbyterianism
  14. Expansion South and West
  15. Some Pioneer Preachers
  16. Scotch-Irish Educational Institutions
  17. The Spread of Popular Education
  18. The Revolutionary Period
  19. The Birth of the Nation
  20. A Survey and an Appreciation


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The Scotch-Irish in America cover

There ain’t nothing like the real thing — get the softcover second edition to read The Scotch-Irish in America at your leisure and help support this free Irish library. The author, Henry Jones Ford had this to say about the book:

“This book tells the story of the Ulster Plantation and of the influences that formed the character of the people. The causes are traced that led to the great migration from Ulster and the Scotch-Irish settlements in America are described. The recital of their experiences involves an account of frontier manners and customs, and of collisions with the Indian tribes. The influence of the Scotch-Irish settlements upon American institutions is traced, particularly in organizing and propagating the Presbyterian Church, in spreading popular education, and in promoting the movement for American national independence. In conclusion, there is an appreciation of the Ulster contribution to American nationality.”