Of Leitrim and Greyfield

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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Arms: Same as "O'Donell" of Newport.

HUGH BUIDHE [boy], brother of Sir Nial Garbh [garv] who is No. 123 on the "O'Donnell" (Princes of Tirconnell) genealogy, was the ancestor of this branch of that family.

123. Hugh Buidhe: second son of Con; d. 1649.

124. John: his son; died 1665. Had two sons:

I. Hugh, who was called Balldearg O'Domhnaill ("balldearg:" Irish, red spot), was living in 1690; was Chief of his name in 1701; and left no issue.

II. Connell.

125. Connell: second son of John; appointed Lieutenant of the county Donegal, by King James the Second, in 1689.

126. Hugh, of Larkfield, county Leitrim: his son; d. 1754. This Hugh had three sons:

I. Conal Count O'Donel, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Maria Theresa; Governor-General of Transylvania; and a Field Marshal in the Austrian Service. He d. unm. in 1771.

II. John, Count O'Donel, a General in the same service, who had:

I. Hugh, a Major in the Austrian Service, who was killed at Nervinden.

III. Con, of Larkfield.

127. Con, of Larkfield: third son of Hugh. This Con had two sons:

I. Hugh, of Greyfield, of whom presently.

II. Con, of Larkfield.

128. Hugh, of Greyfield, county Roscommon: the elder son of Con; d. in 1848, aged 84 years. This Hugh had three sons:

I. Con, of whom presently.

II. Hugh.

III. Robert.

129. Con: eldest son of Hugh of Greyfield; d. in 1825. This Con had an only child:

130. The Rev. Constantine O'Donel, A.B., formerly Vicar of St. Peter's, Allenheads, but lately (1883) Rector of Thockrington, and Minister of Kirkheaton, Northumberland, England. This Rev. Constantine had two sons and two daughters:

I. Constantine-Richard-Annesley, of whom presently.

II. Hugh Roe, b. in 1861.

I. Mary.

II. Rose.

The three children living in 1883.

131. Constantine-Richard-Anthony O'Donel: elder son of the Rev. Constantine O'Donel; b. in 1851.

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