Of Balbriggan, County Dublin

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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Arms: Same as "Madden" (No. 1).

THIS, according to Dr. O'Donovan, is a branch of the "Madden" (of Hy-Maine) family:

1. Hugh Madden, of Bloxham, Beauchamp, gent., had:

2. Thomas, of Bloxham, who had:

3. John, of Bloxham, who had:

4. Thomas, of Baggotsrath, and who died 1640. Had a brother, Robert,[1] and a son:

5. John, of Maddentown, who d. 1661. He had:

6. John, of Dublin, M.D., who d. 1703, and who had:

7. Very Rev. John [2] Madden, Dean of Kilmore, D.D., who died 1751, and who had:

8. Rev. John Madden, of Londonderry, D.D., b. 1725. Had a brother Samuel,[3] and a son:

9. John Eles Madden, Dublin, who d. 1817, and who had:

10. John Madden, of Inch House, Balbriggan, co. Dublin, who died 1833, and who had:

11. John Travers Madden, of Inch House, Balbriggan; living in 1843.

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[1] Robert: This Robert Madden, of Donore, co. Dublin, who d. 1635, was father of Jane Madden, the mother of Robert Goldsmith, father of Rev. Charles Goldsmith, the father of Oliver Goldsmith, M.D., who was born at Auburn, in the co. Westmeath (as proved by an entry on the fly-leaf of his father's Bible, dated the 29th of November, 1728), and d. in London, on the 4th of April, 1774. This was the celebrated Oliver Goldsmith whose statue is in front of Trinity College, Dublin.

[2] John: This Very Rev. John Madden had an elder brother, Rev. Samuel Madden, commonly called "Premium Madden," who d. in 1765, and who was the father of John Madden (d. 1791), the father of Samuel Madden (d. 1814), the father of Colonel John Madden, of Hilton, who was living in the year 1843, and was then the Head of this branch of the "Madden" family.

[3] Samuel: This Rev. Samuel Madden, who d. in 1800, had a son, Major Charles Madden, who was the father of the Rev. Samuel Madden, Prebendary of Blackrath, co. Kilkenny, and living in 1843.