Of Castlemore, Moviddy, County Cork

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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Arms: The Armorial Bearings of MacSweeney-na-Doe family, according to Caesar Otway who wrote in 1839, were a salmon, a lion pass. and a bloody hand.

TIRLOCH, a younger brother of Donoch who is No. 115 on the (No. 2) "MacSweeney" Na Tuaighe (or Na Doe) genealogy, was the ancestor of this branch of that family:

115. Tirloch: son of Maolmuire.

116. Dubhdara: his son.

117. Eoghan: his son.

118. Donall: his son.

119. Eoghan an Locha: his son.

120. Brian: his son.

121. Eoghan: his son.

122. Maolmuire: his son.

123. Murcadh: his son; had:

I. Maolmuire.

II. Eoghan.

III. Eileen.

IV. Murcadh.

124. Maolmuire: son of Murcadh; m. Kathleen O'Mahony, of Kilmurry, and had:

I. Murcadh Beag.

II. Tirlogh.

125. Murcadh Beag: son of Maolmuire; born in Castlemore, Moviddy, and removed thence to Macroom; m. Mary, dau. of Bryan O'Sullivan, of Castleisland, county Kerry, and had:

I. Murcadh.

II. Maolmuire.

III. Kathleen.

IV. Eoghan.

V. Eileen.

VI. Shane.

VII. Mary.

126. Murcadh (Patrick Morgan): son of Murcadh Beag; m. Margaret, dau. of Michael O'Donovan (whose son, Very Rev. Jeremiah O'Donovan, D.D., was the author of Rome Ancient and Modern, and the Translator of the Catechism of the Council of Trent, &c.), and had surviving issue: I. Diarmaid, II. Grania; living in 1886.

127. Diarmaid (Jeremiah) of Dublin: son of Murcadh; living in 1887; m. Maria, eldest dau. of Joseph O'Longan, of the Royal Irish Academy, and has had:

I. Murcadh.

II. Diarmaid (Jeremiah Myles).

III. Eoghan (Eugene).

IV. Michael.

V. Mary.

VI. Margaret.

VII. Grania (Grace).

VIII. Eugene-Joseph.

128. Murcadh (or Patrick Morgan) MacSweeney: son of Diarmaid (or Jeremiah), of Dublin; living in 1887.

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