Of Leinster

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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Arms: The ancient Arms same as those of "MacDonnell" (No. 1).

MARCUS ("marcach:" Irish, a horseman; Lat. "marcus") or Mark MacDonnell, brother of Donal Ballach, who is No. 111 on the (No. 1) "MacDonnell" (of Antrim) pedigree, was the ancestor of MacDonnell of Leinster.

111. Marcus: son of Eoin.

112. Tirlogh Mór: his son; died 1435.

113. Tirlogh Oge: his son; first of the family who settled in Leinster.[1]

114. Donoch: his son.

115. Eoin Carrach: his son.

116. Tirlogh (3): his son.

117. Charles, also called Calbhach ("calbh:" Irish, bald; Heb. "chalak"): his son; living in 1569.

118. Hugh Buidhe [2] [boy], of Tenekille, Queen's County: his son; m. Mary Moore; died 1618. Had a brother Alexander, who was slain in 1577.

119. Fearach: son of Hugh Buidhe. Had two younger brothers—1. Brian; 2. Fergus, who died 1637. And a sister Helen married to John Doyne.

120. James: son of Fearach: b. 1617; died in London, A.D. 1661. Was a Colonel of the Confederate

Catholics. On the 8th February, 1611, the Lords Justices proclaimed a reward of four hundred pounds (£400), and a free pardon, for his head.

121. Hugh (2): his son.

122. Dermod: his son.

123. Dermod Oge: his son.

124. William: his son; died in 1810.

125. John, of Saggart, in the co. Dublin: his son; had two sons.

126. Joseph: his son.

127. John-Daniel MacDonnell, of Pembroke-road, Dublin: his son; had a brother named Joseph, and two sisters—all living in 1886.

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[1] Leinster: The MacDonnells of Leinster formed three septs, of whom two were seated in the Queen's County, and the third in the present barony of Talbotstown, in county of Wicklow.

[2] Hugh Buidhe: This Hugh was Chief of one of "the three septs of galloglasses of the Clandonnells," in Leinster in his time; another of the Chiefs was Maolmuire, of Rahin, both Hugh and Maolmuire living in the Queen's County; and the third Chieftain was Tirlogh Oge MacDonnell, of the county Wicklow, whose indenture of composition with the Lord Deputy Sidney (dated 7th May, 1578) is enrolled on the record branch of the Office of Paymaster of Civil Services. Dublin. That Tirlogh Oge was "son of Alexander, son of Tirlogh, son of Maolmuire MacDonnell of Balliranan. Generosus" ("generosus:" Latin, noble, of noble birth), who possibly was a son of Donoch, No. 114 on this pedigree.