Of Westmeath, and Galway

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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[1] The ancient Arms were: Vert three cranes' heads erased ar.

UIGIN, brother of Eochaidh who is No. 89 on the "Molloy" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'h-Uigin; anglicised Higgin, Higgins, MacHiggin (which has been modernized Higginson), and Huggins

89. Uigin ("uige:" Irish, knowledge) son of Fiacha.

90. Cormac: his son.

91. Flaithbeartach: his son.

92. Tumaltach; his son.

93. Flannagan: his son.

91. Ibhear: his son.

95. Conchobhar (or Conor): his son.

96. Uigin (2): his son; a quo O'h-Uigin.

97. Robeartach (or Robert): his son.

98. Goffrey O'Higgin; his son; first assumed this sirname.

99. Aneisleis: his son.

100. Lochlann: his son.

101. Cormac: his son.

102. Ranall: his son.

103. Cathall: his son.

104. Morogh: his son.

105. Niall: his son.

106. Teige Mór: his son.

107. Giollacolum (by some called "Giolla na-Naomh"): his son.

108. Teige (2): his son; had an elder brother named Giolla Chriosd.

109. Fergal Ruadh: his son.

110. Teige Oge: his son; had a brother named Brian.

111. Giollananaomh: his son.

112. Manus: his son.

113. Aodh (or Hugh): his son.

114. Donall Cam: his son.

115. Brian: his son.

116. Brian Oge: his son.

117. Maolmuire: his son.

118. Teige Oge: his son; living in 1657; had three brothers—1. Maithan, 2. Giolla-Colum, and 3. Giolla-Iosa.

119. William Higgin [2]: son of Teige Oge: omitted the prefix "O;" first of the family who, in 1677, owned Carropadden, county Galway; died in 1693.

120. Thomas, of Addergoole, co. Galway: his son; died 1717; willed the lands of Carropadden to his son Nicholas.

121. Nicholas Higgins: his son; first of the family who settled in Carropadden.

122. Thomas (2): his son; died 1770.

123. Nicholas (2): his son; died 1812.

124. Thomas (3): his son; died 1846.

125. Thomas Higgins, of Carrowpadden, solicitor, Tuam, living in 1877; his son; married to Kate MacHale,[3] daughter of Mr. Patrick MacHale, of Tubbernavine (in Irish, Tobar na Feiné or "The Well of the Fenians"), county Mayo, and sister of His Grace the Most Rev. John MacHale, Archbishop of Tuam; no children. This Thomas had a brother named James, married to —— Hanly, by whom he had a son named Thomas-William.

126. Thomas-William Higgins: son of said James; living in 1877.

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[1] Higgins: WEBB, in his Compendium of Irish Biography, mentions the names of five distinguished men of this family in Ireland—namely: 1. Bryan Higgins, born in the county Sligo, about 1737, who was a distinguished physician and chemist. 2. William Higgins, also a distinguished chemist, who was a nephew of the preceding, and was born in the county Sligo. 3. Francis Higgins, who was a HighChurch clergyman, and Archdeacon of Cashel; he was born in Limerick about 1670, died in August, 1728, and was buried in St. Michael's Church, Dublin, 4. Francis Higgins, the "Sham Squire (born 1750, died in January, 1802), was a Dublin celebrity in his day. 5. Matthew James Higgins, better known as "Jacob Omnium," was born about 1810, and died on 14th August, 1868.

[2] William Higgin: In consideration of the family estates in Westmeath confiscated by Cromwell, this William Higgin was, in 1677, granted twenty-six townlands, some in the co. Galway and some in the county Roscommon, forfeited in 1641 by the Bermingham family; of these lands, Carropadden, Beagh, and Keeloge—situate in the county Galway, were (in 1877) in possession of Thomas Higgins, Tuam, No. 125 on this ("Higgins") pedigree.

[3] Kate MacHale. See the "MacHale" genealogy.