Chiefs of Doohy-Hanly, in the County Roscommon

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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Arms: Vert a boar pass. ar. armed, hoofed, and bristled or, betw. two arrows barways of the second, headed of the third, that in chief pointing to the dexter, and that in base to the sinister. Crest: Three arrows sa. flighted ar. pointed or, one in pale, the other two barways, the upper one pointing to the dexter, the lower to the sinister. Motto: Saigheadoir collach abu (The strong archer for ever).

ARCA-DEARG, brother of Conall Orison who is No.88 on the "O'Malley" pedigree, was ancestor of O'h-Anleagha; anglicised Hanly and Henly.

88. Arca-Dearg: son of Brian.

89. Æneas: his son.

90. Dubhthach: his son; had a brother named Onach, who was the ancestor of MacBrannan family.

91. Uan ("uan," gen. "uain:" Irish, a lamb): his son; a quo O'Uain, anglicised Lamb and Lambe.

92. Cluthmhar: his son.

93. Maoldun: his son.

94. Murtuile: his son.

95. Anliaigh ("an:" Irish, the; "liaigh," gen. "leagha," a physician): his son; a quo O'h-Anleagha, meaning "the descendants of the Physician."

96. Murtagh: his son.

97. Teige: his son.

98. Donal: his son.

99. Murtagh (2): his son.

100. Ranald Catha Brian: his son; meaning Randal who was slain at the battle of Clontarf, A.D. 1014, fighting on the side of the Irish Monarch Brian Boroimhe

101. Muireadach: his son.

102. Idir (or Odhar): his son.

103. Anliaigh (2): his son.

104. Donal O'Hanly: his son; the first who assumed this sirname.

105. Iomhar: his son.

106. Donal (3): his son.

107. Connor: his son.

108. Aodh (or Hugh): his son.

109. Gilbert: his son.

110. Rory Buidhe: his son.

111. Donal (4): his son.

112. Teige (2): his son.

113. Gilbert (2): his son.

114. Neamhach (or Nehemiah): his son.

115. Hugh (2): his son.

116. Tireach: his son.

117. Hugh (3): his son.

118. Gilbert (3): his son.

119. Teige (3): his son.

120. Edmund Dubh: his son.

121. William: his son.

122. Teige: his son.

123. Teige Oge: his son.

124. Connor O'Hanly: his son.

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