Ulster's Stand for Union




  1. Introduction: The Ulster Standpoint
  2. The Electorate and Home Rule
  3. Organisation and Leadership
  4. The Parliament Act: Craigavon
  5. The Craigavon Policy and the U.V.F.
  6. Mr. Churchill in Belfast
  7. "What Answer from the North?"
  8. The Exclusion of Ulster
  9. The Eve of the Covenant
  10. The Solemn League and Covenant
  11. Passing the Bill
  12. Was Resistance Justifiable?
  13. Provisional Government and Propaganda
  14. Lord Loreburn's Letter
  15. Preparations and Proposals
  16. The Curragh Incident
  17. Arming the U.V.F
  18. A Voyage of Adventure
  19. On the Brink of Civil War
  20. Ulster in the War
  21. Negotiations for Settlement
  22. The Irish Convention
  23. Nationalists and Conscription
  24. The Ulster Parliament




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Ulster's Stand for Union

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Ronald McNeill provides a truly fascinating account of the Home Rule Crisis of 1912 from a Unionist perspective. The book covers, inter alia, the formation of the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), the drafting and signing of the Solemn League and Covenant, gun-running to Larne and Donaghadee, Ulster in the Great War, and the establishment of the Ulster Parliament in 1921.

The ebook is available in .mobi (for Kindle), .epub (for iBooks, etc.), and .pdf formats, and a sample PDF can be downloaded. For more information on the book see details ».