ROUNDTOWN, a village, in the parish of RATHFARNHAM, barony of NEWCASTLE, county of DUBLIN, and province of LEINSTER, 2 ½ miles (S.) from the General Post-Office: the population is returned with the parish. The place takes its name from the arrangement of its cottages in the form of a circle: it is neat and pleasantly situated, and forms a pleasing feature in the environs of the metropolis, to which it has a twopenny post. In the immediate vicinity are numerous handsome seats and elegant villas. Bushy Park, the seat of Sir Robert Shaw, Bart., is a spacious mansion of brick, situated in an ample demesne tastefully embellished, and commanding some beautiful views of mountain scenery.

Fortfield, the admired residence of the late Rt. Hon. Sir W. McMahon, Bart., Master of the Rolls, is pleasingly situated in grounds beautifully ornamented and comprehending much interesting scenery. Kimmage, the seat of the Rt. Hon. F. Shaw, Recorder of Dublin, is a handsome mansion in the ancient English style, in a demesne highly cultivated and embellished with great taste. Terenure, the handsome seat of F. Bourne, Esq., is remarkable for the picturesque beauty of its grounds, embellished with stately timber of many varieties, and its gardens laid out with great taste and comprehending a rich selection of choice plants and flowers. In the demesne and gardens are numerous varieties of orange trees, ash, elm, horse-chesnut, holly, and hawthorn, and more than 1750 different varieties of rose trees: the conservatories and hot-houses contain upwards of 12,000 square feet of glass, and the whole is arranged in the most perfect order and preserved with the greatest care.

The other seats, all of which are more or less distinguished for beauty of situation and variety of scenery, are Fortfield Lodge, that of W. Crozier, Esq.; Fanny Ville, of Mrs. Reade; Elm Grove, of Mrs. Byrne; Wainsfort, of Captain Theo. Norton; St. John's, of W. Darley, Esq.; Willow Mount, of W. Hodges, Esq.; Mount-Tallant House, of P. Whelan, Esq.; Ashfield, of P. Cornwall, Esq.; Mount-Tallant Lodge, of E. H. Orpen, Esq.; Mountain View, of W. Deane, Esq.; Prospect, of J. Fagan, Esq.; Rathgar House, of G. McBride, Esq.; Westbourne Lodge, of T. Dickson, Esq.; Meadowbank, of T. Copperthwaite, Esq.; Prospect House, of J. Halloway, Esq.; Mount Saville, of W. Shine, Esq.; Everton, of F. Burke, Esq.; Rose Villa, of C. Wood, Esq.; Arbutus Lodge, of J. Walsh, Esq.; Elm Cottage, of R. F. Murphy, Esq., M. D.; and Rusina, of B. Brunton, Esq.

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