Of other mineral productions, it remains only to state that clay suitable for potters' use and for tobacco pipes is found in different parts of the county: in the vicinity of Roscommon are several small potteries; and at Knockcroghery there is a manufactory for tobacco pipes. Fire-bricks have been made from the fireclay of the coal districts, and considerable quantities are now made at the Arigna works. Iron-stone is found not only in the northern but likewise in the western part of the county, where it was formerly smelted in small quantities; and between Mantua and Belanagare occurs a tough compound calcareous stone, containing pale, blueish, striated flints, resembling chalcedony and agate. Except the above, scarcely any manufactures are now carried on; that of linen, which partially flourished while supported by bounties, having become nearly extinct when they were withdrawn; and even the domestic manufacture of coarse flannels, striped woollens, and cotton stuffs, for home consumption, is injured by the rivalry of cheap goods from England. The commerce therefore consists in the export of agricultural produce, in the extensive sales of cattle at the surrounding marts, of which Ballinasloe is the principal, and in the importation of the foreign supplies required by its wealthier population.

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