RATHGAR, a district, partly in the united parishes of ST. PETER and ST. KEVIN, barony of UPPERCROSS, and partly in the parish of RATHFARNHAM, barony of NEWCASTLE, county of DUBLIN, and province of LEINSTER, 1 ½ mile (S.) from Dublin: the population is returned with the respective parishes. This place, which is on the road from Dublin, by way of Rathmines, to Roundtown, consists of several ranges of pleasant houses and numerous detached villas, of which the principal are Rathgar House, the residence of J. Farran, Esq.; Rathgar, of P. Waldron, Esq.; Rokeby, of C. Pickering, Esq.; Mote View, of J. Powell, Esq.; Mountain Prospect, of P. Nolan, Esq.; Roseville, of Miss Moore; Fair View, of Mrs. Fox; Prospect Villa, of J. Houston, Esq.; Maryville, of J. Jennings, Esq.; Prospect Lodge, of R. Clarke, Esq.; Primrose Cottage, of T. Alley, Esq.; and the handsome residences of G. Wall and W. Haughton, Esqrs. There is an extensive bleach-green, with printing-works belonging to Messrs. Waldron, Dodd, Carton, & Co., for muslin, calicoes, and silks; the works are set in motion by a steam-engine of 30-horse power, and a water-wheel of equal force, and afford employment to 300 men. In the immediate vicinity are some quarries of good limestone, which are extensively worked; and strata of calp limestone have been discovered alternating with the limestone in several places, here, as well as in the quarries at Roundtown and Crumlin, inclined at a considerable angle and exhibiting other appearances of disturbance.

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