Of eminent natives were three prelates named Creagh, in the fifteenth century; Richard Creagh, D.D., R. C. Archbishop of Armagh in the reign of Elizabeth, who died in the Tower of London, in 1585; James Arthur, D.D., Professor of Divinity at Salamanca; James Nihell, M.D., the author of various medical treatises of considerable repute, born in 1705; John Fitzgibbon, Esq., an eminent lawyer, born at Ballysheeda, within the liberties, in 1731; the Rev. James White, parish priest of St. Mary's, who published a short description of the county at large in 1764, and also compiled annals of the city, which were never published; John Martin, M.D., author of an essay on the Castle-Connell Spa; Daniel Hayes, Esq., who died at an early age in 1767, after displaying considerable poetic ability; Charles Johnston, who distinguished himself in the department of polite literature; the Rev. Joseph Ignatius O'Halloran, D.D., Professor of Philosophy and Divinity in the Jesuits' College at Bourdeaux; Sylvester O'Halloran, Esq., the historian, his brother; Peter Woulfe, Esq., an eminent chymist and naturalist of the last century; Viscount Pery, who had filled the speaker's chair in the commons' house of parliament in Ireland; the Rt. Hon. John Fitzgibbon, Earl of Clare, and Lord High Chancellor of Ireland.; John Ferrar, a bookseller and printer of Limerick, who was author of several respectable topographical works concerning Limerick, Dublin, and Wicklow; Timothy Collopy, distinguished as an historical and portrait painter; William Palmer, who also rose to some eminence as an artist under Sir Joshua Reynolds, but died at an early age; and Edward Fitzgerald, Esq., for some time editor of the Pilot Newspaper, in London. Limerick confers the titles of Earl and Viscount on the family of Pery.

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