Chalybeate mineral waters are frequent: some wells at Shinrone throw up a strong ferruginous scum, and their waters leave a lasting mark on linen. In Garrycastle barony they are particularly numerous; there is also one at Escar in Coolestown, another at Kilduff, in Philipstown, and another near Aghancon church, in Ballybritt. In Ballycowan barony is a well which exhibits a combination of sulphur with iron; yet none of them are much noted for their medicinal effects. At Ballincar, near Whigsborough, is a spa resembling that of Castle Connell, in Limerick; its waters are of a yellowish hue, and it is much esteemed for its efficacy in healing bad sores and scorbutic ulcers. Besides these may be mentioned a spring on the glebe land of Geashill, the waters of which never throw off any sediment; but, though preserved for many years in bottle, continue perfectly pure and undistinguishable in taste and colour from that drawn fresh from the spring.

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