St. Catherine's Roman Catholic Parish, Dublin

St. Catherine's comprises nearly the whole of the Protestant parish of the same name. The duty is performed by a parish priest and seven officiating clergymen. The chapel was erected in Meath-street, in 1780: it is a very spacious octagon building of brick, with a gallery along five of its sides, the altar being in the centre of the other three. Near it is a school, erected in 1823 by subscription, and attended by upwards of 400 children of each sex: there are also Sunday schools. A chapel in John's-lane belongs to the Augustinian friary of St. John; the inmates consist of a prior and four friars. The chapel, a spacious structure, occupies part of the site of the priory of St. John the Baptist, which was founded in the year 1188 by A. Du Palmer; and in connection with it is a female orphan school, also an asylum for old and destitute men, in Rainsford-street. To this convent belonged the Rev. William Gahan, author of many pious works.

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