Diocese of Dublin and Glendalough

The Diocese of Dublin and Glendalough extends over all the county of Dublin, together with parts of Queen's county, Wicklow, Kildare, and Wexford; and contains an estimated area of 477,950 acres, of which 142,050 are in Dublin, 600 in Queen's county, 257,400 in Wicklow, 75,000 in Kildare, and 2900 in Wexford. The lands belonging to the united sees amount to 34,040 statute acres, of which 23,926 are profitable land; and the gross income, on an average of three years ending Dec. 31st, 1831, was £9230. 12. 9. It comprises 95 benefices, exclusively of chapelries; of these, 39 are unions of two or more parishes, and 56 are single parishes or parts of parishes; 11, of them are in the gift of the Crown, 39 in lay and corporation patronage, 5 in joint or alternate presentation, and the remainder in the patronage of the Archbishop, or incumbents. The parishes or districts are 180: there are 124 churches, and 9 other buildings in which divine worship is performed, and 50 glebe-houses. The diocesan school is endowed with 10 acres of land and £100 late currency for the master.

In the R. C. divisions the Archbishop of Dublin is primate of Ireland, and his three suffragan bishops are those of Kildare and Leighlin, Ossory, and Ferns: he is styled only Archbishop of Dublin, and not of Dublin and Glendalough, as in the Established Church. The R. C. diocese of Dublin comprises 48 parochial districts, of which 9 are in the city; and contains 121 chapels, served by 153 clergymen, 48 of whom are parish priests and 105 coadjutors or curates. The Archbishop's parish is St. Mary's, in which is the R. C. cathedral, called the Metropolitan Church, or Church of the Conception. The chapter consists of the same number and denomination of officers as the chapter of St. Patrick's Cathedral, but the dean and precentor are styled vicars general.

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