BEG-INNIS or BEGNERS ISLAND, in the parish of CAHIR, barony of IVERAGH, county of KERRY, and province of MUNSTER, lying near the north-east end of the island and post-town of Valencia: the population is returned with the parish. It is situated nearly in the centre of the chief entrance to the harbour of Valencia, on the western coast, from which island it is separated by a channel varying in breadth from one-eighth to one-half of a mile; and comprises about 330 statute acres of land, held by J. Primrose, Esq., of Hill Grove. The opening to the north, called Lough Kay, has deep water, but is much exposed to the great ocean swell. The south-eastern shore is covered with a fine shell sand, which forms a valuable manure, and is conveyed in boats to a considerable distance. There is a quarry of slate on the island, in the working of which the greater portion of the inhabitants are employed. Nearly in the centre of it is a remarkable conical hill, called the Sugar Loaf.

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