Ó Rónáin

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Ó RÓNÁIN—IO Ronane, O Ronayne, Ronane, Ronayne, Ronan; 'descendant of Rónán' (diminutive of ron, a seal); the name of several distinct families in different parts of Ireland, as (1) Ó Rónáin of Longford, who were chiefs of Cairbre Gabhra, in the barony of Granard, until about the period of the Anglo-Norman invasion, when they were dispossessed by the O'Farrells and dispersed through Ireland; (2) Ó Rónáin of Mayo, a branch of the Ui Fiachrach; (3) Ó Rónáin of Dublin, anciently erenaghs of Clondalkin; and (4) Ó Rónáin of Cork, where the name is now most common.

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