Ó Peatáin

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Ó PEATÁIN—IIO Petane, O Pettane, O Pattane, O Patten, Peton, Paton, Patten, Patton, Payton, Peyton; 'descendant of Peatán' (diminutive of Patrick); the name of an old Ulster family, mentioned by MacFirbis among the families of Cinel Eoghain. They belonged to Cinel Moain, a subdivision of Cinel Eoghain, and were apparently seated in the barony of Raphoe, in the present Co. Donegal. The name occurs as early as the year 1178, when the Four Masters record the slaying of Muircheartach O Peatain in revenge for the death of Randal O Cathain. It is now common in Mayo and North Galway, as well as in Donegal, but the pronunciation is Ó Piotáin or Ó Piteáin.

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