Ó Loirgneáin

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Ó LOIRGNEÁIN—IO'Largan, Lerkinan, Learhinan, Lerhinan, Largan, (Lardner). This surname is at present in use in Clare and Galway, anglicised Lerkinan and Lerhinan in the former county, and Lardner in the latter. It is clearly to be identified with Ó Lairgnen, the name of a family who, in early times, were chiefs of Oriel. O'Dugan writes:—

"To lordship entitled by right,
Is Ó Lairgnen full king of Oriel."

The family seems to have long since disappeared from Oriel, and is now, so far as I know, represented only in Clare and Galway, and even there by only a few scattered families.

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