Ó Laoghóg - Irish Names and Surnames

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Ó LAOGHÓG—IO Lioge, Leeogue, Leogue, League, Luogue, Loogue, Logue, (Leech, Molloy, Mulloy); 'descendant of Laoghóg' (diminutive of laogh, a calf); the name of an old Galway family who were chiefs of Caladh, which is supposed to have been co-extensive with the barony of Kilconnell, but now long dispersed. The name is now found in Longford, Westmeath, Mayo and Donegal, as well as in Galway, where it is sometimes anglicised Leech. In Donegal, it may be merely a corruption of Ó Maolmhaodhóg, which see. In that county, and also in Mayo, it is anglicised Molloy. Ó Laoghacháin appears to have been an alias in Galway.

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