Ó Laighin

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Ó LAIGHIN—IO Loyne, O Layne, O Leyne, O Lyne, O Lyen, O Lane, O Leane, O Lien, O Lyan, O'Leyne, O'Lane, O'Lyons, Layne, Leyne, Lyne, Lane, Leane, Lean, Leen, Lyons, &c.; 'descendant of Laighean' (lance, spear); the name (1) of an ancient family in Co. Galway, who retained considerable property in the barony of Kilconnell down to the end of the 17th century; (2) of a Kildare family, formerly seated at Cill, now anglicised Kill, near Naas; and (3) of an old Kerry family. The name is now very common all over Ireland. It appears to have been sometimes pronounced Ó Laoighin. In Kerry at the present day it is generally pronounced Ó Leighin, and sometimes Ó Lighin.

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