Ó hEideagáin

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Ó hEIDEAGÁIN—IO Hettigane, O Hedeghan, Hedegan, Hedigan, Haddigan; 'descendant of Eideagán'; more anciently Ó hEiteagán and Mac Eideagáin; the name of an ecclesiastical family at Elphin, Co. Roscommon. William O Hetigan was Bishop of Elphin about the middle of the 15th century. The name is now more commonly Ó hEideáin, which see. Ó hEiteagáin was also the name of a family of Cinel Eoghain in Ulster, but in that province it is generally changed to Mag Eiteagáin, which see. MacFirbis also mentions a midland family of the same name.

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