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AuthorRev Patrick Woulfe
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Ó hANLUAIN—IO Hanlowne, O Hanlone, O Handlon, O'Hanlon, Hanlon, Handlon, Hanlan, &c.; 'descendant of Anluan' (great hero or champion); the name of a distinguished Oriel family who were chiefs of Ui Niallain, now the barony of Oneilland in Co. Armagh, and once of Oirthear, now the barony of Orier, in the east of the same county. The O'Hanlons were a powerful clan, and many valiant chiefs of the name are mentioned in the Irish annals. In 1587, Sir Oghie O'Hanlon, the then chief, surrendered his lands to the crown and had them regranted by letters patent in tail male, and the chieftaincy was abolished. O'Hanlon was hereditary royal standard bearer north of the Boyne, as O'Molloy was to the south; and, owing to his loyalty to the English connection, seems to have retained possession of most of the clan-lands down to the period of the Cromwellian confiscations. The name is still numerous in Armagh, and has spread to many other parts of Ireland; often written Ó hAnnluain, and sometimes prononuced Ó hAnnláin.

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