Ó hAinbheith

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Ó hAINBHEITH, Ó hAINBHITH—IO Hanfy, Hanvy, Hanvey, Hanify, Hanafy, Hannify, Hanway, &c.; 'descendant of Ainbhioth' (storm); also written Ó hAinfeith, Ó hAinfidh, Ó hAinfith, &c.; the name (1) of a distinguished Oriel family who were chiefs of Ui Seaghain, sometimes of Ui Meith, and sometimes of all Oriel; (2) of a Meath family who were chiefs of Fearabile, now the barony of Farbil, in Co. Westmeath, until dispossessed by Sir Hugh de Lacy soon after the Anglo-Norman invasion; (3) of an Ulidian family who were chiefs of Ui Eathach Cobha, now the barony of Iveagh, Co. Down; and (4) of a branch of the Corca Laoighdhe, in South-west Cork. The name is now comparatively rare, having been corrupted or changed into other forms. See Ó hAinbhtheáin, Ó hAnaithe, &c.

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