Ó Fathartaigh - Irish Names and Surnames

AuthorRev Patrick Woulfe
SourceIrish Names and Surnames

Ó FATHARTAIGH—IO Faherty, Faherty, (Flaherty); written Ó Faghartaigh by MacFirbis, and Ó Foghartaigh by the Four Masters; descendant of 'Fathartach' or 'Faghartach,' or 'Foghartach' (all variants of the same name); the name of an old Galway family who were formerly chiefs of Dealbhna Cuile Fabhair, on the east side of Lough Corrib. It is still common in Co. Galway, but sometimes disguised under the anglicised form of Flaherty; while by the aspiration of the initial f, it has become changed in Munster to Ó hAthartaigh, which see.

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