Ó Ciaráin

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Ó CIARÁIN—IO Kearane, O Kirrane, O'Kieran, Kieran, Kearon, Kearn, Keern, Keirans, Kearons, Kerans, Kerons, Kearns, Kerns, Cairns, Comber, Comer, (Carey); 'descendant of Ciarán' (diminutive of ciar, black); the name (1) of a Tirconnell family who were formerly lords of Fearmhaigh in Co. Donegal; and (2) of a Cork family, originally seated in the barony of Imokilly. Ó Ciaráin is the same surname as Ó Céirín (which see), which is the more common form, and is also a variant in parts of Connacht of Ó Ciaragáin. For explanation of the anglicised forms Comber and Comer, see under Ó Ciaragáin above.

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