Ó Braonáin

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Ó BRAONÁIN—IO Brenane, O Brennan, O Brinane, O'Brennan, Brennan, Brinane, Brinan, &c.; 'descendant of Braonán' (diminutive of Braon); the name of several distinct families, viz.: (1) Ó Braonáin of Ossory, the head of which was chief of Ui Duach, in the north of the present Co. Kilkenny, where the name is still very common; (2) Ó Braonáin of Crevagh in Co. Westmeath, a numerous and powerful clan; (3) Ó Braonáin of Siol Anmchadha, of the same race as the O'Maddens, seated in the barony of Longford, in the south-east of Co. Galway, where they were still numerous at the close of the 16th century; and (4) Ó Braonáin of Dunkerron, who were followers of O'Sullivan More, and are still numerous in Kerry. It is almost impossible to distinguish the anglicised forms of this surname from those of Ó Branáin, which see. The same anglicised forms were to a great extent common to both; but, generally speaking, Ó Branáin is the origin in Ulster, and Ó Braonáin in the other provinces.

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