Mag Uidhrín

Rev Patrick Woulfe

Mag UIDHRÍN—IVMaguirin, M'Gwyrin, M'Guiverin, Magiverin, Magivern, Magiveran, MacGiverin, MacGiveran, MacGivern, Guerin; 'son of Uidhrín' (a diminutive of Odhar; see Mag Uidhir); an old Ulster surname. Early in the 12th century, Eachmarcach Mac Uidhrin was chief of Cinel Fearadhaigh, in the present Co. Tyrone. In the 16th century, the name was peculiar to Co. Down, and even at the present day is confined to that county and the neighbouring counties of Antrim and Armagh. For change of dh to bh, compare with Mag Uidhir, anglicised MacGiver.

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